GOODBYE FOREVER by diosarich [Original Poetry]

in OCD8 months ago



The nearness of you makes me quiver
Reminiscing of those sweet memories
The way you hold me close to you
Sending an electrifying sensation to my soul
Waking my senses from a deep slumber

In the middle of the night
I turn, I toss and I cannot sleep
I wonder why it is still so bad without you
I cannot believe why it's still hurt so bad
Whatever I do, your face keeps haunting me

Drowning emotions in the tears of unceasing time
This mighty desires had endured of whips and scorn
In the waning light of my existence, my heart has waited
Through the drapes enshrouded light
That ceased to irradiate

The fiery longing I see in your eyes
My soul desires to possess you as well
The spark of magic that grows stronger every day
That our love will stand the test of time
Till death do us part is a promise we made forever

Your embrace and your touch drives me crazy
But everything must be stopped now
Let us walk away and never look back
That must be the right thing that we must do
Let just kiss and say goodbye forever

Original Poetry by @diosarich


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