ENDURING LOVE by diosarich [Original Poetry]

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Stay with me for every moment of my life
As I have written the will of my life in your name
Let me draw a line using your fingers, in the sky
Let us go for a world tour together
Neither in promise nor the bodily presence
We will remain true for all of our days

Never left me to be my own
And tried my life to be ruined
In the solitary night
The pain of the long waiting
For a loved one and the morning bright

I feel your embrace with the flutter of wild feelings
My icy heart melted by your fire
You are the one who paints my world
You are the one who keeps me shielded
You are the one I will die a thousand times for

When emotional indifference takes command of logic
Our primitive drive is humanity’s hero-mode
Make love neither master nor aim
Deep gratitude, a sense given that is sacred
Passing in time into the eternal cycles of living

Love must be the supreme virtue from all other branches
Put a different answer on that sheet
Fate would have been written in different ink
Love enters the soul of each person
It is the energy that brings us to life

An emptiness in the freedom of being alone
Liberty in being caught in that divine spell
Love is colorful, yet more as summer blooms
Hears and speaks with the wisdom of the heart
Joyfully returning when heart calls the other's touch

Original Poetry by diosarich

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