My entry for the OCD & POSH need a logo contest

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Hey, what's up! It's a pleasure for me to participate in this contest: OCD & POSH need a logo! Fuente

Honestly I hesitated a bit to participate, but after thinking so much I said "I must try" so here I am, I present you my idea for the @OCD logo.

Editor to use: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Typeface: HEAVITAS
Number of shades of dark blue: R: 0 / G: 56 / B: 143
Number of shades of light blue: R : 0 -G : 125 - B: 201



The first thing I did was to look for this image of a colorless whale on the website




•STEP 1: I opened the whale image I downloaded from the website in adobe photoshop CS5 editor.

•STEP 2: I used pen tool and covered with dots all the border of the whale image, then I cropped and removed the background.


•STEP 3: Use the elliptical marquee tool and create a circle on a white background.

•STEP 4: Delete the center of the circle.

•STEP 5: Paint the background blue and fill the circle with white.


•STEP 6: Use the elliptical marquee tool and create another larger circle on top of the circle you have already created.

•STEP 7: Select the inverse background.

•STEP 8: Delete the background and keep the white and blue circle.

•STEP 9: I moved the whale and placed it on top of the white and blue circle, then filled the whale with blue.



Use the elliptical marquee tool to create smaller circles around it, then use the horizontal type tool to write the word OCD on top of the whale, typeface: Heavitas.



Very nice!

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Hey howdy @erik glad you liked it, thanks for your comment. Regards!

So pretty!

Hi @gigi8 thank you so much for your comment, I'm glad you liked it. Yes, I definitely think it looked very nice, I hope I can be among the best logos. Cheers!

So pretty!

:) Thanks so much!