garbage - and the problem

in OCD4 months ago

There is a lot of garbage here, people don't care about garbage, the reason is because there are indeed many people who litter, because they think garbage is not a big problem, actually until now there is a lot of trash in this world, even polluting the oceans, mountains and also other realms, because humans don't care where they throw garbage and also people don't care about the garbage that is scattered, for example here this is all the garbage that humans produce through selling on the beach, they just pile up the trash on the side without thinking about how to clean his. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ People only care about their own lives, even though there are many in this world that are not in accordance with the situation, even more sad than the pile of garbage, because man-made disasters often occur, nature is starting to be reluctant to make friends with humans if this keeps happening. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ It is very sad indeed when people do not care about their surroundings, so that beach visitors are very uncomfortable with the trash around them, we really hope that you readers can care about your surroundings in order to create a better life