When I think of You

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Softly you come up in my mind

right on time when I need happy thoughts

you calm me in the happiest allude of you

Everything around me makes more meaning because of you

Yes I am taking a shot

taking a chance

I must, I will

It is more than a duty

It is an obligation

Although I hesitate for the fear that you don't see me the way I do

But I see you

I see beyond the scope

I know you can see through my eyes

Tell me what you see

When I think of you

I think of trust and commitment

I see a future with you

happiness eternal

I was made for you

As you are

I could go the lengths of the world for you

When I think of you

my world freezes

time stops

the focus is you

A wanderlust with you

I will go anywhere with you

Thinking of you brings happiness

You are my happiness

I need you in my life



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