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RE: Revisiting a Childhood Park in Troy, Ohio

in OCD2 months ago

Sweet! The first time I tried a sensory deprivation tank was in Beaver Creek. Just outside of Dayton, a pretty cool area. At the time it was the closet one to me here in WV.


My dad and half my family live in Beavercreek now... That's the 'fancy suburb' you go to when you want to move out of the hood when you are from Dayton! lol

I've been wanting to try out a sensory deprivation chamber for years. Ever since I got into meditation. I was thinking you could get into some interesting mind states while in concentration/absorption in a tank. What did you think of it?

Oooh okay I see. So I’m speaking with a hood rat 😉🤣
Beaver Creek did seem pretty nice.

I loved it! Wish I had room for my own tank actually. I got a massage afterwards too, totally blissful.
The tank would be really great combined with an edible in my opinion.

If you wanna take it even further, a dose of psilocybin would surely be interesting. I’ve never combined that with a tank. Future goals.