Big middle finger to the Coronavirus 😤😷

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It looks like there is no way I will be quarantined during these wild times. Even if every state in the USA announces a total lockdown where civilians are not allowed to leave their homes. You may ask why am I exempt, let me explain.

An essential government service

My employer (USPS) recently passed around a paper at work telling every employee that even if there is a shelter-in-place announced that we are all to continue to report to work. Only if we are already sick are we to stay home. Meaning they are throwing my co-workers and I to the wolves, because often times we may not show symptoms even if we are already carriers of the virus. The building is filled with hundreds of workers & mail from all around the world.


Sure this may sound like a reason for me to complain, but I am instead thankful to put myself at risk to continue to serve my fellow Americans. I am lucky to not be put under the same immense pressure that many are feeling currently. Short notice loss of jobs, inability to care for family, and so many other things to stress over (such as lack of toilet paper.) Despite all of this I still have a very high level of happiness and a low level of fear. I even have started cooking my own food again thanks to most of the restaurants being closed or restricted.

I have hope

No I don't have statistics to make you feel safe. I don't have answers to all of your questions surrounding this subject. However I can say that I have always been a highly intuitive person and my intuition is telling me to not worry. It is wise to be aware of everything, yet afraid of nothing.

The inkling within me says that this is somehow all for the betterment of humanity. I already see people caring about each other more than I am used to witnessing, even if it is from a minimum 6ft away. This mess is going to be sorted out and in turn we are all going to have a new outlook on life. Who knows what else good could come from this. Just remember not to dwell in the darkness of negativity. Unplug from your TV from time to time, get outside away from everything and breathe some fresh air & soak up some sun. You do not have to put others at risk just to improve your own well being. We can continue to live, it is what our cells crave. LIFE!


This photo is from a hike I took yesterday. There was very few other people on the trail and my day was drastically improved by getting out and connecting with nature.


This photo is from the walk along the river I took today. There were some wildflowers growing and the smell of spring was finally becoming apparent. Again this improved my mood throughout the day tremendously.

Sign this Petition

Many of my co-workers are even more at risk than myself due to their age or health status. This petition states that USPS must ensure rights and safety for employees and customers during COVID-19 pandemic. We are not calling to shut the place down, we understand that we are providing something that the world depends on with our mail distribution system. However there are several things that are currently not okay with the way things are organized. Check out the petition if you are interested in learning more.

Thank you for stopping by.

Humanity will rise again!


Great outlook. Thank you for your service!

Much love! 🤗

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Awesome! Thank you very much 😁

I love your enthusiasm and I'm tapping into it, I have hope that there's a vaccine and silver lining ahead. I think they should have exempted the elderly and older people at your work place.

We can’t get everything right, but all problems do have a solution.

I am with you on the middle finger thing

good luck

Thanks Phil! We got this 😎