What is the original scam?

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Why do scams exist? What is a scam?

I tried my best to answer that question myself.

Scams exist to make money. One likely starts scamming because they can't make money traditionally. Making money in our society is essential. Money and work are needed to be accepted.

What was the original money? Food and water and shelter. Trading. Precious metals I would think came after that phase.

What if back in the day from, lets say, the caveman days to the medieval times maybe? In that era what human values were the most required for survival? Logical thinking (can't be a total nutcase) probably one of the first traits. But next I believe would be strength, toughness, indeed jock traits.

When it comes to men specifically, (back in the day, especially) men need to be able to produce money and food and that sort of stuff. Without that ability they will struggle to find love and re-produce. To this day, women prefer men with muscles. Muscles in men show that that man is capable of protection and getting food. I know the latest fad is the 'dad-bod' but that's pretty lame to be promoting that. Just like it's lame to promote obese women because they don't want to lose weight. Not saying that it's bad to not look like the Rock or Rihanna, but to promote flabbiness or worse like it's totally healthy is also wrong.

I know everyone hates jocks but trust me I will be defending jocks, very much so, later.

This isn't even entirely sexist either. Evidence shows that neanderthal women would also be out fighting wild animals, trying to bring food home for the family.

Why do humans and dogs get along so well? Partially it has to be because humans and dogs understand the 'pack' style of living and functioning. Alpha and beta stuff. I mean I am pretty sure they say that when you're training a dog you must clearly be the leader, the alpha. When you first bring a dog to your house you should be the first one walking in the door, and the dog should see that. I am pretty certain that is pretty much how it works.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting we live like wolves or dogs. Humans are not dogs and no human should be treated like a lesser thing. Everyone has something to offer. Intelligence is not a scam. I can't emphasize enough that I don't think humans are lesser anything. I'm not saying humans and dogs are exactly the same. There are more similarities than people realize though.

Nerds versus Jocks

What are some people's least favorite memory from grade school? Many times people will say 'being picked last' when it came to sporting activities.

Isn't that funny? Many people hate jocks, but what if they weren't picked last that day? Would they still hate jocks?

What exactly happens to the kid who was picked last? A lot of things can happen. Good things like, finding other hobbies can happen. The person can work harder and become a better athlete or whatnot. Maybe the person simply doesn't care. All decent responses.

What about the negative side? The kid could feel 'bullied'. The kid could feel depressed and isolated. Lots of bad things could happen...

What about the people who aren't considered 'Alphas' or close to being alphas from way back in the day? What happened to those guys. Sure similar things can happen like I mentioned previously but what if those guys invented acting? Maybe they created science? Maybe they created religion or maybe they created something else I can't think of.

Not every 'beta' is horrible or evil just like not every jock is a bully. I have some beta and alpha in me like mostly everyone does. I like many movies, books, songs, I benefit greatly from science everyday.

But it is now time to start questioning these scientists. Start questioning these Hollywood people. What is going on?

Science Language

What happens to the kid picked last in dodgeball or the beta from back in the day?

Well there is a chance they become delusional.

Does that essentially (in a way) shunned individual hang out with others? Or does that person live in their head? Interpreting things their own way... Then what if that person happens to be a bad person?

Is that entirely impossible? According to most people jocks are all bad. What about these scientists? Are they all good because, of science?

That is how the sheep see it. The experts said it so they believe it. Crazy as hell.

What if over time these nerds developed their own language. The language of science. A total scam language. The nerds know the jocks and regular folk won't truly learn or look into it and so they continuously feed us bull crap.

Instincts of a jock, where science is blind.

People like to think jocks know nothing. I would like to attempt to show that is wrong. Scientists don't ever contemplate these facts because they don't live in the real world ususally.

Is there nothing to gain or learn from a sport? If you think so I believe you are highly mistaken.

Most high level, very important scientists, never played a sport, or at least played it well, or gave a crap I guess.

Instincts. Jocks have far better instincts AND natural understanding of the physical world than scientists.

When Tom Brady throws a dime down the football field, do you think a pure athletic dummy could have done that? Maybe, but you are way more likely to complete a pass if you have a natural understanding of your own arm's ability to throw the ball with enough force and touch and speed. Brady has a natural ability to understand how fast his receiver is moving so he can make the correct throw. Brady needs to use his arm to place the ball away from another grown man trying to get the pass from Brady's teammate. Doesn't Brady show a natural ability to understand trajectory and timing, and geometry and whatever other math/science subject you can think of?

Is that not almost some sixth sense, almost beyond science type crap? As far as I know Brady ain't a robot.

Are we really going to ignore jocks like this? They have nothing to offer? Plus Brady gets crap all the time for actually not being very athletic despite being in the NFL. Obviously playing quarterback is not just about being athletic.

If what Brady is doing is easy, please I invite your local scientist to win six Super Bowls and tell me how easy it was. They're smart enough right?

You think MMA fighter Conor McGregor or Jon Jones can't smell fear or confidence in their opponent? You think these people are just dumb and those abilities are worthless?

When McGregor talks his crap to his opponents, is it not very smart to get his opponent emotional before hand? Make his opponent feel like a beta? Why would he do that? It doesn't work all the time, but it worked enough to make McGregor incredibly wealthy and win many fights.

To be tactically successful in a fight, to try and predict the other fighter's next move and attack is an intelligent thing.

Nearly all legit fighting techniques require years to perfect and even more intelligence to be elite.

Does it not require a fundamental understanding of geometry or math or even physics to be able to force an opponent to tap in a jiu-jitsu match or to pin an opponent in wrestling?

High level athletes or just a decent level athlete honestly, sometimes has more to offer than people think.

What about body language? Ability to tell if a person is legit or not.

All sports, especially one-on-one sports, can really teach you a lot about humans. Is that person bluffing? Is he scared? Is he confident? Is the opponent nervous? Many times athletes bull crap meters are really strong.

Sports can be predictive and tactical. Preparation.

There are so many perspectives that athletes have that most scientists simply never have had or will have.

The constant belittling of ALL non-scientists will backfire if theses scientists don't become a bit more humble.

This is going to sound ignorant and macho and dumb, but isn't it weird that these powerful scientists would easily get beat up by most of these jocks they're hating on?

Are these scientists smart or petty?

So, to finally finish, this is why a lot of jocks and other normal people are really getting insanely suspicious. These scientists really don't always make sense.

But we must simply believe the experts and their magic data.

I'm really close to start studying up and becoming a full on nerd myself just so I can speak there language. Hopefully I don't get suicided or something.

So, is science legit, or just a giant scam created by betas to seem like worthy mates?

I'm not claiming this is black and white, but I really wonder how much of this is true...

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