Thinking logically and without anger.

in OCDlast month

There are so many places to find knowledge. So many people that claim they know what the answers are.

I always thought life was mysterious and to an extent it might be. But the thought never crossed my mind that what if life is not mysterious? What if there are fundamental truths but we are simply to cowardly to face them?

People always influence you. But strong people aren't as easily influenced.

If we are being honest, our views on life are directly impacted by our parents. Resentment or admiration or respect towards them. Many people either piggy back off of their parents, or they rebel and go the opposite way.

Hopefully one day, we begin to think for ourselves.

As a man, I need to begin letting go of my anger. Men shouldn't be angry. Yes, I've been watching Youtube videos.

Society nowadays always wants the indulgence, but society also doesn't want the consequences. Nobody ever thinks if, just because your emotions make you feel a certain way, does that make it truly right or good?

Can your own emotions be wrong or untrue? Everyone seems to think simply because we feel a certain way, that it's right. You know who else acts purely on instinct and emotions alone? Animals.

Athletes like Conor McGregor want their opponent in an emotional state because Conor knows that will make his opponent most vulnerable.

What is society if there is no critical thinking, only emotional based thinking? Sugar makes you feel good, drugs make you feel good but we also know those things can harm you. Artificial, unnatural pleasures. Not coming from within or through community or happiness or love.

I've been told men are sexist for their natural inclinations, their natural state. I've been emotional, confused and lost for many years. If I ever assert myself in any way I am 'toxic'.

Uh, screw that noise ya know?

I am going to be proud of the fact that I think logically, I always have. But a part of me always wanted to cater to a mate and make sure her emotions are ok 24/7. All it ever did was backfire. But I'm not mad, I'm learning.

Instead of purely and only thinking logically and then trying to keep everything kumbaya at the exact same time, which is crazy, I'm simply going to think logically and without anger.

Once I think logically and without anger my whole mindset has been changing. Once I let anger in my heart, I have made a grave mistake that only causes harm.

Think logically and remove all anger from my heart.

Hive on.