Hive is HUGE

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Within the past couple of years all the way until this moment, the government has been trying to control and limit and make people feel hopeless and dependent on the GOVERNMENT.

Covid has made people feel desperate and lonely. Businesses shutting down, employment going down. Government, Amazon, Wal-Mart and McDonald's that's the future a lot of powerful people want. No type of small businesses no type of true independence or freedom.

Hive and maybe a couple of other cryptos can be a huge factor in combating this movement. I realize crypto can be subject to hacking or control. But on HIVE you cannot be muted or taken down or anything. We the people can write and promote and push out our own content and narratives.

On top of that if powerful people want to shut down small businesses, good luck. On Hive every single person can be a business.

If there is a plot to destroy and demoralize, Hive can literally create billions of small businesses based on freedom of speech.

Amazing potential.

I believe there are people in the world who try to limit Hive's growth. Justin Sun?

Hive can do so much good. We all need to stay loyal and ignore critics.

Hive actually functions. Unlike 99 percent of cryptocurrency.

Hive is HUGE!



I have found it odd though, with crypto Bitcoin is king. I'm guessing due to it's popularity and story. Plus the constant media attention.

However Hive appears to be the only working fully implemented model of crypto. But I am not sure why it hasn't taken off. Is it due to people in competition? People not wanting to push people here?

With crypto the biggest wins are made at the start of a coins life. Pump and dump.

Perhaps one day, hive will be the leader. Who knows

Interesting thoughts, I appreciate your perspective definitely. You bring up good points and questions. I feel like perhaps the lack of growth comes from people wanting and not getting a get rich quick scheme here on Hive. Work has to be done on HIVE just like any other gig really. It doesn't necessarily have to be like tiresome work, but at the very least consistency will and does help. Also on a similar point, I think when people hear of Hive they think the idea/concept is too good to be true. When I found Hive I wanted a way to earn while writing badly and I got lucky by finding this place. People have to have faith and stop worrying so much. People have to be broke enough kind of also. I don't have one great answer LOL. But call me a conspiracy theorist, but I feel as though there a possibly some people out there trying to stunt Hive's growth because of the potential this blockchain has. If that's truly the case, that's annoying not good, but in the end I believe the technology/product is too good to be ignored forever. Poor creative people with decent intelligence/open-mindedness will see the awesomeness here. Many already do.

Bitcoin gets all the action because it has "first mover advantage", which can be hard for others to overcome. Who knows though, there may come a day where the price of Bitcoin and the costs of moving it around start to work against it and everyday people will start to seek out cheaper/more cost effective crypto.

Indeed! Maybe it will become sort of like Gold!

Great potential!

For real! I believe the product/technology is too good to be ignored forever.

I hope so.. :)

I agree with you buddy, Hive is a great platform with great potential and they are creating more and more applications to bring more benefits

Awesome to hear you agree with me! As more freedoms slowly get stripped Hive can be the ace up the people's sleeve! Glad to hear more and more apps are building here that's amazing!

That's right, I recommend you to visit is a microblogging from the same platform as Hive

@dbuzz is amazing! @dadapizza did you get a chance to check it out yet?

ugh no! I am so sorry but thanks for reminding me I really am intrigued!

Just checked it out FINALLY. It's very impressive! I'll likely use it under my @adhammer account! Nice site for sure!

I will check that out in a few minutes, thanks for the tip, and nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too, I hope you receive a Happy New Year 2021

I hope you have a happy New year as well

I FINALLY checked out dbuzz and I must say I am impressed! I will likely begin using it soon, likely under my @adhammer account. Thanks for the tip once again!