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I ordered some pizza and wings today from Doordash. I really enjoy getting food delivered with Doordash. I know a lot of people think.It's a waste of money, but I don't. I get some relatively cheap food delivered from a place that doesn't normally deliver. I don't own a car, Doordash does LOL. If I did have a car, I don't have to waste time, gas money, and car wear and tear. I have no risk at all I just sit on my butt and wait.

People really don't appreciate the convenience and time saving aspects our society provides us through various businesses. Services like this may cost some money, but overall I do save money in the long run in my opinion. And the service itself is good. Instead of complaining about how much something costs, how about we look at it at a different perspective and take advantage of what overall service you are getting. I can do something productive in my life while waiting to receive the food. Time that would have been wasted if I had went and got it myself. Something productive that can make.my life easier and/or save money.

Anyway, here's the pizza, wings, and soda. It was delicious.


Life otherwise has been decent enough. Hung out with my nephews. Spoke to an old friend. Watched some stuff.

Back to work tomorrow and for the next five days. It's cool though the job is relatively easy and I'm getting a good amount of hours. And I need the job LOL.

Presidential inauguration should be interesting tomorrow. Hopefully America survives this Biden administration.

I've been relatively down lately. But like I could be worse I'm in a weird place. I feel motivated by fear if that makes any sense. Hard to explain. I feel like I could be doing more and then I beat myself up for it. Odd cycle.

But overall I'm good. Just gotta keep grinding. Staying positive. Gotta trust in God more when I'm feeling off like this.

Hopefully I can see my boy in person soon. I want a better life so I can be with him 1000 times more.


There's nothing easier than sitting back and having all the time in the world when someone's delivering for you, be it from instacart or doordash. It's always helpful to have in a situation if you can't get out and about. That being said, I tend to do doordash pretty frequently and I must say that it isn't too bad as long as you have a car with decent gas mileage. Just make sure you have a car with decent gas mileage.

It'll be interesting to see what happens as far as inauguration goes. I'll be in the middle of classes so I'll have no idea until I step out of the building. I definitely feel you there with feeling down though. It's like I know the path I want, but for whatever reason I'm making mental obstacles/excuses for everything. We've just got to keep our heads up and move along.

Yes Doordash is a service I really enjoy, no complaints whatsoever here! Yes I don't work till later in the afternoon so I expect I will know how it goes down by then. I'm not a Biden supporter, but for the sake of everyone I hope it goes smoothly. I know there will be a lot of precautions and like 25k national guard soldiers or something like that. Kinda odd lol.

But yeah, it's been weird times lately, it's nice to hear you can relate even though I wish we ALL felt a little better lol. Just gotta keep grinding and making the right choices!

Nice to meet ya and I appreciate the comment! :)

Yay! 🤗
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