in OCD3 months ago

I've just been relaxing on these off days, I'll hopefully try to be a little more productive tomorrow. Maybe even tonight still, who knows.

Life's been getting weird lately but I do realize that writing like this helps. I really do like writing. I still want to one day write and publish a fantasy book one day. It would be a tremendous accomplishments. A fantasy series actually. Four books.

There's a lot of uncertainty in life but I'm proud I'm not completely broke. That's something good. I calculated a lot of my funds and I am pretty proud of the total number. It's not much, but it's something and it's hopefully growing. It's enough to keep me on my feet.

I'm also grateful I have a job.

When it comes to the writing, I remember one of my favorite authors always said if you want to get better at writing, the best thing you can do is just keep writing. Well I'm not always writing riveting things and in not always writing a bunch, but overall I would say I do a fair bit of writing. So there's that. One day I need to apply myself more when it comes to an actual story, but I don't see any harm in just staying consistent and writing what comes easiest and natural for now. Develop as a writer naturally from scratch.

Just another day of thinking and grinding. I love Hive, LOL.


Well I guess following the prescription of that author that inspired you.
I have been quite up and doing in my own field of writing and blogging because personally, I try to write an article atleast once a day and for real it's bliss

Keep it up! A piece of content is better than zero content!