Hyperanimated waste

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Hyperanimated waste

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Hyperanimated waste

When discordance dies down and the silence ramps up,
and the ashes of civilization fall like dust:
Slow mote drift down —
snow flake fell flame —
over stretches of inanimate waste. Laid blame
in a grave made by the paradoxic way they mate:
icefire, cold steel —
mainframe reduced to rust.
And it smoulders, invisible embers
dance below the planetskin.

Insect of the atom, bore from the metal out;
a million revolutions sleep in their daily doubt.
Rise upon the ending, creep upon the livid crust;
magma to lignify — mineral to liquefy.

Nothing from everything, everything to no thing;
everything to everywhere to everyone to everywhen.
Now rectify, assimilate, and structurally eliminate
the evidence of history — a peak of stony transcripts
massing to the heavens; dense with life-cement, then
burrow, aforementioned — sojourn parasitic.

Lifeurge desperation — music to be born when
birthèd, double vision bleeds bluered politic,
tridimensioned glasses, field ceruleanic:
purple-sanguine with the blood of the masses nebulaic.

And the silence dies down; discordance ramps up
and the ashes of perfection fall like dust.

Slow mote drift down —
snow flake, fell flame —
over stretches — hyperanimated waste.

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words and images by @d-pend
created for HIVE on Sept. 4, 2020.




I want to somehow see this differently but then my head is filled with the image of fired burning up in a huge frenzy.
First of all I love the fourth paragraph it was pulsating seeing the paradox and the contrast and how the wordings magnified the effect to create more mind twisting imageries.
It's beautiful without doubt.
I see you have been writing in this sort of style other than the stanzaic style, how is this? I mean why did you go for the former?

I can tell that you really like creating, but what is "hyperanimated waste?"

I'm tempted to say that it is shit flying through your camera lens and pencil, but that if that's true this is the prettiest shit that I have ever seen.