MindLab Pro(MLP) Recommendations

in OCD2 months ago

Mainly because it claims to enchance your brains processing speed which is insanity when you already feel like you have 7 thoughts at once.


I have had a headache a few days now which is weird, I normally never have headaches and it started after I started to take MLP these headaches goes away when I eat. But I also feel like eating all the time and my calorie intake have tick up.
This might be because as MLP claims to enchance my brains processing speed, it also uses more energy meaning it needs more food to operate.

I am also sleepy and amotivated, I did some reading and this can be because of Baopi, which its short time effect is sleepiness and amotivation and you only see benefits from this when you hit around the 2 weeks mark.

MLP claims to improve sleep. I have not seen such effect, I frankly find it harder to sleep with a headache, tired eyes and a racing mind pumped up on "Drugs"

I have decided to stop taking MLP from today. Only after 10 days. I did see benefits the first few but this could have been placebo, right now it doesn't feel like a good idea to continue. I don't have a headache or a burning sensation in my eyes today which is neat, I appriciate that.
I am still tired, not sure if thats because I still have some MLP in me or because I again couldn't fall asleep yesterday x)

I might give you an update in the next couple of days if everything is back to normalm


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