Still Alive in July 2020

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I am Alive!

What a great day to be alive. I recently heard about the iamalivechallenge on Hive so I figured I'd participate. This is a great challenge because I think it's an awesome excuse to stop and think about what you're grateful for.

My personal motive here is really to post pictures of my awesome little boy though! So here we are, alive and having a great time in sunny Florida!

Even though we are living in apocalyptic times, Owen and I are still managing to have fun! I mean, how can you complain when there is sunshine and love all around!

The life of a 2 year old boy must be great and luckily I get to live vicariously through my son! It's so much fun watching Owen grow and learn new things to be excited about. Right now, he seems to be obsessed with cars and my star wars action figures! As a result, I've probably lost a few expensive collectibles but oh well, I was never going to play with them again anyway!

Every day Owen and I are soaking up as much sun as possible, trying to get all the vitamin D in our bodies just in case our immune system is compromised! Lately I've been extremely grateful for all the time I get to spend with Owen and all the time I get to be alive in this great world!

I hope everyone can think about one thing that they are grateful about today. It's a great and free way to release Oxycontin in your body, which is the natural love hormone!

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Happy you've joined the IAAC. Nice photos of you and your son.

I really liked your post. Your son is posing beautifully in the photo, it's really great. Thank you so much for a clean and sunny post.

Great to see you alive and well @cryptoknight12, and that you enjoy time with your son, he looks like a champion, very welcome to the #IAmAliveChallenge, stay safe, awesome and alive.

#IAmAliveChallenge join us on Discord, and check out our Hive Community and our guide, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide.

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Cute boy :) , stay alive and blessed!

hello dear friend @ cryptoknight12 good night
Welcome to our daily challenge, thankful that you have joined, many successes.
Without a doubt there are many reasons to be grateful, the family and the loved ones are one of it. excellent post, I appreciate that you teach us your lifestyle in these difficult times
have a great night

Welcome to the I Am Alive Challenge, hope to see many more posts like this to come.

Happy to see your participation...
Your kid is so cute....

Awesome challenge to participate in. Your son looks handsome. Have a good one and Remain Blessed!

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Your son is a cute little boy

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Your boy does look adorable @cryptoknight12 :)