Follow Friday - 1st Edition

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Follow Friday

List of Great Hive Authors

Back in 2017 during the first crypto boom, crypto twitter used to always have follow Friday. I don't see this on Hive so figured I'd give it a go.

Here is a list of some recent authors I've come across recently now that I'm back and active on Hive again. I've been kind of away due to some health reasons, but lately I've been feeling much better! I've been trying to help other people out lately so we'll see if this works!

The authors I'll be promoting are all accounts that don't post trash and take advantage of any popularity to which they've earned, which I often see plague many users once they earn their share of auto-votes! Which is one of the top things I admire about them all and why I'd like to give them some additional support!

@enforcer48 (Leonis)

Source: @enforcer48

Enforcer and I have a lot in common with each other, we're both single fathers just trying to do what's best for our son, trying to make it in this cruel world! Being a single dad is difficult and he's been a great online friend to vent with about some of our common struggles. He's an all around great dude, likes to help people, active in the bro community, holds a massive dcity position - so if you're looking to be president one day you may want to network with this guy!


Source: @mipiano

I recently engaged with Mipiano from comments she made on my posts and learned we have a lot in common. I can tell she is a very genuine and sweet person who is also a very talented piano player/musician. She's also a very active woman who lives a healthy lifestyle. All things that a very similar to me and can be inspiring, especially if I ever start falling off the wagon again

@r1s2g3 (Rajat)

Source: @r1s2g3

Rajat is another dude that's constantly posting interesting things, like me he was on the Leo train long before many of you all. He's also a true Hiver that engages well with the community. It's pretty common that I receive a nice comment from him which I appreciate and glad to have him as a Hive friend!

@rmsadkri (Raamesa)

Source: @r1s2g3

Raamesa is also a dad who I follow. This guy has a lot of grit and was a late comer to Hive, but that didn't stop him from putting out nothing but good content. Many people on Hive will make a solid post, get no rewards and oftentimes give up and either resort to posting crap or go inactive, but not this guy! This is the type of mentality that leads to success! He's also a big Leo / Crypto fan, sharing updates about what's new and his posts are worth the read.


Source: @lilchillgirl

Lilchillgirl is a place to stop by if you want some positivity in your life. Her blog is pretty eclectic and always filled with tons of photos that make you feel you need to step your photo game up! Sometimes it's important to be inspired by other authors to tweak and improve your own Hive posts.

Following on Hive

I think following on Hive is completely underrated, which I discussed in an old post from before and what my strategy is when it comes to accounts I follow. I've been a bit inactive and haven't been following this rule because of that but today I had some energy so trying to make up for it a little bit with this post. I'm going to shoot to identify 5 authors and make this a weekly habit, we'll see if I follow through with that... time will tell! ;)

P.s. if I left anyone out, it wasn't intentional and you will probably be on another follow Friday I do!

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed my curated list of accounts to follow!


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@cryptoknight12, I want to appreciate this Idea. Hopefully this Series will trend on Hive. Stay blessed.

Thanks, it actually helps me try and discover more people as well and give thanks to people who comment and follow me... especially when I don't always actively respond / comment back. We'll see if it makes any sort of impact!

Welcome and good wishes from my side.

Hey I just noticed you don't follow anyone! What's up with that sir! Give your friends some love ;)

May be 0 Following shows Negative Sign or Negative Mindset, but for me it's all Intuition. 🙂

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

I was really making an attempt to be your first follow, but I failed... haha


so if you're looking to be president one day you may want to network with this guy!

Shhh, we don’t talk about the emerging deep state here.

Attention to all new dcity recruits Please submit your applications for the dcity cartel to Leonis in Brochat ;)

Hey, I am first of all so surprised to be included in your list 😎 And very thankful 😊

That's how I roll, trying to express gratitude. Today has been a great day, actually the past two days. But that's all I'll say :) Hope you're doing great!

Good that you were well 👌 Actually, I wasn't so good yesterday and the whole night. But I am fine now ☺️
I also mentioned you in my Friday evening reflections as I am happy and grateful as well having a new example of never getting up 😎

Command accepted!

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Thanks for the suggestions, @cryptoknight12: I'll deepen the knowledge of the 3 bloggers unknown to me, of the 5 that you propose.

!BEER and a huge hug!

You won't be let down, I assure you that!

What is missing is always time... but I have added them to my favorites, so that I will have the opportunity to enjoy their creativity.

A huge hug 🤗 and some bit of !BEER 🍻

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Hey @cryptoknight12, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico.sports for you. Enjoy it!

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I am very honored to be featured here.

Yeah, LEO train is really keep me busy, but happy it look to going on same direction as we thought.

I am happy to see you back friend and taking care of your health and son.

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Thanks dude! I'm happy to be able to be active again, it's not that I didn't want to either! It's been a real struggle but seriously appreciate that! Hopefully there are only good days ahead, it's been almost 3 months!

Leo is doing some insane stuff. I realize my post getting 30 Leo would be 60 hive now, which is a weeks worth of posts (since I lost my main auto-votes for lack of activity). I need to get with the hype!

Sure, Not only LEO , Dcity also buzzing now.

Your insightful post about Dcity can be quickest way to announce your presence.

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I'm kind of out the game I feel like and it feels a little risky getting in dcity at this point to be honest. There are way to many sellers, I used to compete with only a few! Those were the good old days! My claim to fame is making one of the first dcity videos! :)

I hope I become author like them

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You'll get there, don't lose faith! Take a look at their posts, their high quality. Don't let lack of votes bring you down, keep putting out good content. 3 pics, 500 words is a good rule

3 picture 500 words I will try to follow that rule

Thank you so much for the honour fellow Hive dad 😇 I am honoured to be featured in your follow Friday post. I wish I can continue with the platform and enjoy the engagement with other community members.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work on the platform.I will definitely be following all the authors mentioned here.

Hey @rmsadkri, thanks for following :)

My pleasure. Looking forward to reading your blog posts :)

Me too reading yours :-)

My friends are uniting, it worked! :)

It worked 👏👏