Justin And Where Is The Garden Path Going?

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No one knows what to believe anymore and with so many lies and shady things it is no wonder his name is clouded in suspicion.

Normally when you see someone for the first time you make up your mind fairly quickly. I had obviously heard of Justin Son before, but then again never took much notice. That all changed as he kind of took on more importance once he bought Ned's stash.

After watching the shambles of his introduction I was more disappointed than shocked as I for one struggled to understand anything he said. I would have thought he would have a solid grasp of the English language or at least use a spokesperson to translate. When you are conversing in English you have to be clear and precise otherwise it just becomes a farce. Making excuses for these shortcomings is probably part of the plan though as he could just say he didn't understand or he meant something else if people disagreed.
He manipulates situations by making stuff up to make him look more important. Any news is good news and take last April for example when he tweeted that Liverpool Football Club were interested in creating a partnership with him. Liverpool announced the following day that the rumors were not true and had no dealings with tron.

He reminds me of a politician the more he opens his mouth as his ideas change daily. What I realised very quickly is Justin doesn't care about anyone but himself. He does like to be popular though and popular in the media. His fan base is around his Chinese support as they have idolized him from the beginning.

Think before you speak doesn't apply to him as he blurts things out unintentionally, but one needs to pay attention as those are his true feelings. Spin doctoring possibly as throwing something out there to see the reaction before deciding on whether it is good or bad. That is why posts and tweets have been posted and then deleted. He is testing the waters as to be honest they have no clue to cover how they want to do this.

Justin and his cronies have a plan and guaranteed it is not a plan we are going to like. If there were no hidden agendas and he wanted what was best for his investment he would have not laid down a list of demands. His demands suggest that there is something much deeper than just selling the ninja mine.

When you purchase another business to add to what you have already you normally take out the parts you want and bin the rest. Justin wanted Steem for the Chinese market, but as we know there are serious limitations regarding censorship. The thing is he bought Steemit and not Steem yet to someone not sure it is easy to make that mistake. I find it hard to comprehend that you can purchase 20 percent of something and now you have the majority say and everyone needs to listen. My initial thoughts would have been 51% and you can do what you want from there.

Steemit is banned in China along with the likes of Google,Facebook and the list is endless. The Great Wall of China censorship is a genuine concern for everyone living in China. The people are controlled by a government that is protecting itself.

There are ways around it like @wherein have done and Justin has to be thinking along the same lines. Everything about Justin is wealth and greed and why he wanted to meet Warren Buffet as he idolizes him. Not to get him interested in crypto like everyone was thinking but Justin wants to be seen in the same circles as Warren. This is all about selling himself and part of a bigger master plan.

Justin sees himself like a Mark Zuckerberg type person and is trying to get there by various manipulations. Like I just mentioned Facebook along with many top Western apps are all banned in China and whoever comes up with an alternative would become mega wealthy overnight. Steem is possibly a way forward, but he needs control hence the witness votes for making his master plan work. He doesn't care about anyone on here as we are just a nuisance to him interfering in his broader picture.

I have tried to try and work out where this egomaniac is trying to take this as nothing makes much sense. If you acquire a business to make a profit you either break it up or add the short falls that are missing to increase it's popularity and value. Maybe I am over thinking this little maniac ,but one thing for sure is I don't trust him.


He strikes me as a textbook narcissist.

Sounds like him and someone from our country would get along really well. I will leave out names, but I think pretty much everyone probably knows who I am talking about.

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Howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! I think this is a brilliant analysis of who Sun is and what he's trying to do. Too bad he doesn't have an advisor who is as business savvy as you are.

Highly rEsteemed!