Greed Is Africa's Weakness

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We go into lock down 3 days earlier than I thought on Thursday at midnight. This is only the second decision the Government has made in over 20 years that I agree with. Pretty sad really and pathetic as the leaders we have had have been nothing, but crooked self centered individuals.

Bit ironic as crowds gather to listen to the speech tonight.

We are so fortunate to have a sensible businessman in Cyril Ramaphosa right now as he is slowly mending what has been broken. I would hate to imagine if Zuma was in power as he had the brain of a child as he thought safe sex was taking a shower afterwards. Talk about an uneducated idiot taking his chances and grabbing power.

Cyril Ramaphosa is different to all the others as he came into the Presidency with loads of money already. Maybe he had plundered his way already as most do in a rags to riches in such a short time period. Most people don't really care though as long as things improve and are fixed properly.

The load shedding which we still experience from time to time is improving slowly as maintenance that had been missing on the power utility since 1994 has been taking place.In the last month we have had to turn our generator on a few times and it is a hassle, but deep down you know the things are being made right.

Ramaphosa made the Power Utility Eskom come clean and spell out how dire the situation really was. He put the right people in charge and they are now accountable. There was no sugar coating as they exposed everything to the public showing and explaining exactly what needed to be done.

At the same time Zimbabwe stealing electricity from South Africa was exposed as cables were found travelling under the Limpopo River. These cables were supplying up to 50 percent of Zimbabwe's electricity over the years answering many questions why we didn't have enough for ourselves. Corruption and greed had to be involved by whoever was in charge as that is no small operation to hide.

I think the biggest fear right now with the Corona Virus is all the aid that is flowing in whether it will reach it's intended target. Ramaphosa may be a straight shooter but the ones that follow out his instructions are definitely not. Ministers take it as their right to help themselves until they are caught giving the next one an opportunity at enriching themselves. This is nothing new and has been happening for decades.

The Rupert and Oppenheimer families have pledged just over $60 Million each to help the Government fight the Corona Virus. How many hands will the money flow through before it gets to it's final destination. How diluted will the aid be by the time it gets there is what everyone is thinking. I think this is just natural living in a corrupt country as this is what everyone has come to expect.

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I really hope this doesn’t get worse. Nice post