Felt Like A Drug Dealer

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Dope is legal yet cigarettes aren't.

Yesterday I was asked if I could buy a close friend of ours a carton of cigarettes. I know where to get them even though there are bans in place still and anyone smoking know is buying black market stuff. There is no ways their stash would have survived 3 months as I think everyone thought it would only be a matter of weeks.

I know the prices have risen ridiculously as it is literally a closed market today. I was given R600.00 which is the market rate these days for something that is normally R200.00 as they are low grade crap. The Premium Brands are double that with a market price in the mid R1500 these days (R400 normal).

I know the Pakastani/Indian shops is where the action happens as I used to be a cigarette rep decades ago and nothing changes. Th first shop I arrived at I was greeted with suspicion as the retailers are scared these days and think everything is a trap. I laughed at them saying do I look like a cop? After about 30 minutes of telling them how idiotic they were they agreed to sell me some under the counter cigarettes. I handed over the money after haggling them down to R500.00 as I said they were ripping everyone off big time.

Please go and sit in your car outside is what I heard next and thought how dodgy does this look. I looked around and there were quite a few people sitting in their cars outside the shop. I must have counted around 15 cars with people waiting. I thought there would be packet or something and I would stick it under my jersey and walk out but no these guys were doing one drop in one go.

After what seemed like 30 minutes or longer a guy came walking around the corner and threw a packet into my window. I tried not to laugh as this was amateur stuff that you would see in some B grade movie. The ones that go straight to DVD and miss the circuit. He apologised for the delay as their last shipment was apparently followed earlier in the day.As if anyone is really interested in their operation.

I dropped the cigarettes off at my friends place and told her she goes next time. I gave her the address and her change and told her I ain't doing that again for anyone. These guys will get caught as they are just too obvious. Who fills a corner shop car park up with people sitting in their cars during a lock down period? They must be pulling in an extra $1000 per day if they fill the car park up 4 or 5 times per day.

The obvious reality is they are not criminals and nor am I yet I was apparently breaking the law buying their illegal goods. Talk about a joke as making normal citizens into law breaking ones is never good.

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It is always banned or is it just now because of the Covid stuff?

Only now with Covid. Many believe the one minister involved has her fingers in the cookie jar and is making a fortune with the ban. She has family members manufacturing illegal brands.

Hahaha, this is so funny!
South Africa is now officially the only country in the world that bans smoking under the Covid rules. Makes one to think doesn't it?

In the process this "law" is damaging our "sparkling" economy to the tune of billions of dollars that is now going into private pockets.
It is said that international syndicates have also taken a liking to South Africa and they are smuggling in tons of cigarettes.

Wherever the money pots are opened, the vultures shall gather!

is this a fictional story? :D

what is the punishment if they catch you?

No you can't make this shit up. They had road blocks on the freeways looking for anyone with cigarettes last month. I mean any cigarettes as they are looking for the illegal ones which is basically every cigarette now. Not sure what the punishment is but you will be arrested. Most likely a heavy fine.

not sure what is the smoking rate in there but do they want riots? or they think they will get people of it cold turkey?

Neither. Crooked people in the Government are part of the illegal cigarette racket. This is not trying to get people to quit or anything health wise but how much they cam make as they are literally printing money. The country is losing Billions in excise duties and lost taxes and they are making Billions.

government mafia, no way :D looks like they are everywhere.

Looks like it. Africa is riddled with corruption. Normally when something doesn't look right then it isn't and there is an easy explanation behind it.Someone is pocketing yet they think the public is stupid and can't see what is going on. Public are too dumb though and keep them in power maybe as they think they may get a chance one day.

this is how elections looked like week ago i my country. and everyone is like yeah and...

i believe George Carlin more every day "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."