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Crypticat lives in the heart of an urban jungle, fresh grass is few and far between. The small patches of green are full of dog piss, germs, Covid19, pesticides, pollution, and other harmful substances. Lucky for us, there is an easy solution, grow it yourself CAT GRASS!


For those of you who think cats don't eat grass, you can't be more wrong. Cats love grass, when I cut it and put it back down, she loves it and her reaction is similar to when a can of food is being open. This grass is fresh and full of vitamins that wouldn't be found in her high quality dried food.


Brand new grass in a repurposed container so it doesn't get all over the place. Cat's like to dig and pull at the grass, this ensures the dirt stays where it belongs. Cat grass grows fast, I planted this maybe five days before the photo.


A cat, her grass, some sun, and shadows. Art can be found in all sorts of places. My creative beauty rarely comes out and more could have been done with this.


We shared this one earlier in the week, she looks so cute I'll leave it here again for anyone who missed that gem. For everyone cooped up and stuck inside because of quarantine and social distancing I hope this brightens your day.


Don't stay bundled up even if you can't go outside. Walk around the apartment in circles. Elle rarely leaves the home and she runs laps, finds time to stretch and even does kitty YOGA!


PRO TIP: If you have a cat, they will quickly claim any yoga mat you leave out. Don't do it 😸

Have a happy Caturday everyone!


You and your family stay healthy and safe @crypticat!

Cat grass is wonderful stuff! My Hoomans occasionally will buy a small flat of organic oat grass from the health food market; in the summer when the days are longer we grow our own... and yes, I think all cats like to have a bit of green now and then. And having ready access to grass means no chewing on houseplants!


Never thought of the house plant link, maybe now we can put the plants down.

Thanks and you stay safe too!

Stay safe and wise, Crypticat!
Greetings ;)

Thanks, hope you're doing well. Plenty of time to work on those tracks :D

Believe it or not... i still didn't find time for the music :p
But soon ;)

Yes, i'm fine... i got the knowledge of the 5 Biological Laws (discovered by Dr. Hamer),
that's why i'm "cool" concerning "infections"...it all works a little different...
Here are some german videos... the documentary had english subtitles in the brave browser ;) last time i checked.
Greetings my friend :)

That's just regular grass? Or catnip?

Just plain old grass, she'd probably OD if we were growing catnip

I've never seen anyone grow regular grass inside

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