Best Self-Isolator in the Whole Wide World!

in OCD11 months ago

Once Again Cat's Proove their Superiority!

That's right, she's the world's best self isolator. She never leaves the house and fresh air just means sitting on the balcony. She has hoarded months and months of kitty litter, dry food and has an adequate supply of freshwater. While the cat may look sad in the photo, she is more annoyed that a hooman disturbed her slumber.


She spends about 90% of the time in a room by herself and usually keeps her distance. She will often sleep on her bed under the big bed if we are about. While cats sometimes enjoy company, they are just about the world's best self isolators.


What are you doing to self-isolate? I have to leave the house and go to the office everyday, thankfully only three other people on the entire floor and I can walk to work.


Around here, we're all — Hoomans and Cat alike — pretty good at self-isolating. We work from home anyway, and going grocery shopping once a week instead of every other day is barely a change we notice.