How To Earn Real Profit From Your YouTube Channel?

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Now there are many people, who are plunging into making their own YouTube channels, hoping to imitate those successful YouTubers, by simply uploading their own videos. Yes, undoubtedly there are many who successfully earn from their videos. However, there are “YouTubers” after earning a few pay-outs noticed the decline in viewership and their earnings, as well.

If you want YouTube to be your passive income, you need to put tons of effort and perseverance to make it your cash cow. Yes, the sign-up is free and making a few videos is easy. Even the 1000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours can easily be accomplished, but profiting from it is different. There might be thousands of videos making testimonies on how to earn good sum of money, but when you forget to learn how YouTube algorithm works you might be ending up frustrated. YouTube is changing their algorithm frequently, same with Google Adsense.

Create Your Niche

Think of a niche that would give you a steady viewer, just what like Drama series are doing. They create an interest that viewers anticipate and wait. Your videos must create hunger to see the next episode. A feeling if they are not subscribed, they’ll miss the next big thing. The storyline radiates to your next video, but don’t cut it short to make a series. You need to tell the viewers they are included in your journey or story. One of the niches that last for years and good source of passive income is cooking lessons and tutorials. Viewers when got interested in your recipes will view your channel again and again.

Grow Your Audience

A video by itself won’t produce audience or viewers. What you need is a solid plan to create audience for your video. A good video title and thumbnail are simple steps to be noticed inside the YouTube platform but you need to promote it to as many people as possible. If you will solely rely on YouTube video recommendation, your video might be rotten before it can be noticed.
  1. You need to learn YouTube SEO or Search Engine Optimisation so that spider crawler of Google and YouTube can crawl your keywords and description appropriately. Placing correct and relevant keywords and description to your video will help search engines place your video on a favourable spot that your video can be viewed. When the search engine places your video in the first 5 spots, there are bigger chances that it can be viewed. It will also help your video to be placed in “next video to play” recommendation which is the source of organic traffic of most videos

  2. Share your video links and embedded links to all social media platform and link websites. Share your link not only to your FB page or newsfeed, but also to FB Groups having the same niche as your video. Joining groups will help you promote your video and channel to those who have same interest as your niche. You can have a blog site or website that can contain your video and links. When you have many links scattered around the web, Google will rank your video post higher or on the first search page. Make at least 1 tweet a day regarding your video with the link included. Ask your friend to retweet it so that it can go viral. The more link you share the more people will likely click it and you’ll establish a fanbase that will help you grow your audience.

You can also join blackchain social media platforms, such as Hive, Steemit and Appics to promote your video links and channel so that it can produce a steady wave of followers and viewers. Your video, aside from being promoted, can also earn crypto-currency using this platforms.

Make Quality Contents

Always go for quality than quantity. Make your video as interesting as possible. Plan your videos properly. When I say quality video, it means everything on it must be of quality including content, video resolution, sound, title, description, keywords and thumbnail. The information you want to imply must be clear and understandable. Make a careful research of the topic you want to impart and indicate references, if possible. Truthful information will carry your channel to greater heights. Don’t be envious easily to trending topic or video that contains simply entertainment rather than information, however, consistent, beneficial and substantial informative contents will keep your channel above the rest. Mixing informative contents with entertainment are better.

Use a well-known and reliable video and sound editing software to achieve better video quality and use high quality equipment to gain optimum result on your video and sound recording.

Learn About Analytics

Most of the newbies failed to do is learning to view analytics of every videos. You can learn from the demographics of who are viewing your video and how long viewers stay. Asking viewers to stay in your video is a challenge a good YouTuber can overcome by simply looking and analysing the result of video analytics. You don’t know who are the people visiting your channel and watching your videos but by looking at the analytics and studying it would give you ideas on how your videos are performing and what kind of audience you have. You can also use the data indicated in the analytics in planning on how to make your audience stay with your video. Download YouTube Creator Studio and Google Adsense App to explore the performance of your channel.

Plan your next videos base on the assessment and evaluation of the analytics so that your next video can perform better and shows enhance viewer experience.

Google Adsense

If you are previously not a web and blog owner or developer, you might have lesser understanding of how Google Adsense works. In YouTube, before you can apply for adsense, you need to reach the subscriber and views requirement first. For those with existing adsense, you only have to connect it with YouTube after the minimum requirements are reached.

Google Adsense may look easy but least they know, advertisement won’t always show in every video. Why? If a video don’t have enough views for a day, advertisement might not show. Just like in a webpage with ad for content that doesn’t have enough page visit advertisement never shows. Meaning your video needs to have a consistent daily views to obtain ads. Also it is advisable to have at least 10-minute video to have 2 -3 ads on it so that your channel can earn fast.

Videos with good keywords and description will yield better Ad placement from Google, meaning Google will show relevant ads according to your video, thus enticing viewers to click on the ads which has higher earning potential than mere impressions.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way of monetizing your Youtube Channel is through Affiliate Marketing. You can insert information of a product or service to your video regarding an affiliate program you want to promote. Just make sure the affiliate program you plan to incorporate with your video is relevant to your video topic. Put a link of the affiliate program you want to promote in the description box of your video so that viewers can click on it after watching the video.


The success of your YouTube Channel will all depend on your effort to make it better every time you upload your videos and analysing the results of every video you post so that you’ll have basis on the actions you need to take to make your channel profitable. To Add you also need to be consistent in uploading your videos, if you can do it once a day or every other day that would be better because Google algorithm works favourably when you upload on a consistent basis.

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