The benefits of being a passive user of Hive

in OCD2 months ago

I havent posted in Hive for some time now (for a few reasons), but I still see the power of Hive and the potential it has! Even though I dont post, I still see myself as a valuable and vital member of the society... how? through curation! I have nearly 3.5k HP delegated to projects I love and they do the job of curation on my behalf and reward we with daily payments of that sweet Hive.

Far better rewards than term deposits

I am in New Zealand and the term deposit rates are insanely low at the moment - a 6 month term deposit will be lucky to fetch 1.5%. If I invested my HP this way (an estimated value of $1190NZD I would get an estimated annual return of $17.85.


Now lets look at my Hive returns - I am getting an average of close to 1 Hive per day in payouts - $127.75 per year -alot more than the measly 1.5 percent, and close to 11%! Wow!

Future value

On top of this, the price of Hive could rise and then my account would be worth even more! Although the flipside is that it could also drop to 0, but that is part of the risk (and fun!). Alternatively, with my term deposit earning 1.5% each dollar will still be worth a dollar when I take it out again..

Not everyone thinks that passive users play a big part in Hive, but I think that without people delegating then curation would be alot worse (like it used to be...)

Long live Hive and I hope to get back posting more regularly sometime soon