Crocodile Not all, it is what it seems.+ Step by Step (original)

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Crocodile Not all, it is what it seems.+ Step by Step (original) ART"Original"


If you look at a crocodile you will quickly realize that it is a ruthless, devouring and meat-destroying animal. But nevertheless, the female are excellent mothers, they give them unique care and, of course, they offer protection like no one else.
How curious, it looks like many humans.
Mothers willing to do anything for their children and in extreme situations without caring about the cost and often without seeing the consequences before. They give their whole hearts to what is the fruit of much effort, because they even constantly take care of the nest where they lay their eggs.
There is always the counterpart, parents who do not even watch over or care for their young or children. That is to say that from an early age they do not give him affection.
The advice for everyone is that we follow the example of the crocodile that protects its young despite its fierce appearance.

Basically everything you draw you can flood it with color, I hope you like to see my little post, greetings <3

You can see step by step the creation of this post or I hope you like it, do not forget to vote greetings great steemit community.

AUTOR: @colorcareer

Shadows are comic style drawing









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