Let’s Bang

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..our toes on things and break them.

Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today was mostly a great day!


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Broken by Banging

So it’s the second time this year this has happened. When it’s dark and you’re doing great feeling around, getting a little frisky with your hands. You’re feeling something you want and all of a sudden you feel the worst pain. What am I talking about? Trying to find your way in a dark room with lots of treacherous things like furniture around. I was making my way over to the window to open them up to let in some marvelous fresh air when I turned around, not paying attention to my foot when BAM! I knew exactly what I did. I banged my pinkie toe on the corner of the foot of the couch. I’m shocked I didn’t let out an expletive rant in front of the little munchkin but thankfully I did not. He’s quite the repeat parrot and is perfect with proper context. He throws around the best ‘Jesus Christ’ this side of the river. We don’t mind when he says it because he understands the proper times to say it and he doesn’t use other words like fat or stupid so we will take a win when we can.

So this is the second time I broke my pinkie toe this year. The first one was fumbling around in the bathroom not paying attention and same thing. Swollen, bruised and throbbing. Not the worst but there’s nothing you can do for the toe except stay off it for a bit to let it heal. Thankfully I’m working remotely!


Makes me wish I was in this scenario for a bit. We recently took a nice drive to the beach in Maine. The weather was perfect, cloudy and a whole lot of ‘I’m not going to the beach’ for the average person. We got to relax and enjoy the water largely alone for a weekend. The water was actually surprisingly warm for the Maine coast. It’s usually in the 50’s except at the end of August where it reaches a really nice high 60’s or low 70’s. Bath water if you’re from Maine! It was really relaxing just standing there letting the tide wash up and sink my feet in the sand little by little. Now all I can think about is the throbbing in my toe lol.


Whistling Surf

There were a bunch of great surfers there that day. They were really pissing off the life guards though. All we heard the entire time we were in the area was the guards whistling on their emergency whistles at the surfers that were going pretty far out. We recently had a shark attack off the coast of Maine by a great white. Kind of crazy but the bay seals are really flourishing now so it’s only natural that the sharks come back. They follow their food. Sometimes that food dresses in a wet suit that looks exactly like a seal and has a giant board. Surfing sounds and looks awesome but I’m not interested in being that close to something looking at me for lunch.


Anyone broken a toe like I have? Share your story with me so we can both be miserable lol

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oooooooh man! Ya. I've done that far too many times to count. NONE of my toes, on either foot, are even close to normal/straight-ish. Busted em all at some point. Most of them more than half a dozen times. Usually the big toe, or the 2nd one in. And of course... the pinkies. I think they feel left out or something. So they jump out at whatever they think will get them the most attention. I once did my left big toe in sooo bad, that the nail fell off. When it grew back in, it came back with a dark stain. Been like that since I was 14, now in my 40's.

Hands/fingers are the same way with me.

Hahah yeah I'm quite surprised that I didn't break more of my toes or digits skateboarding and snowboarding for so many years. Maybe I did but never realized it, or ignored it? At this point I don't know! I just know that I've fucked up these two toes so far this year and it's tough lol.

Funny about the nail, my other pinkie toe I did that to. I broke it and must have done something to the nail because even though I did it around January or something, to this day I still have a black stain under it. I actually tried to get a little bit of it out the other day, which made me realize it was the toe nail that was messed up not just the toe. I'll have to see what this other toe develops as!

Sorry about that, like I get this almost all the time, and the pain is something else, I clear understand the feeling. Hope you feel better though?

Thankfully my toe feels a lot better this morning! I don't know if it was the Tiger Balm cream I put on it or the turmeric I took before bed last night but it's definitely feeling better. Still swollen for sure but not unbearable.

Good thing you feel much better now, you will be alright.

Sounds painful... Funny about your kid, I like the way you allow him to use his judgement to know when to say a word. That shows great respect for him as an individual and his ability to discern the difference between contexts.

I have trouble getting to the second car in the garage when leaving for work in the morning and I've decided I'm just going to learn how to do it in the dark. I can't stand having to walk all the way back to the door where the switch is around the other car in order to turn off the light there after the garage door automatic light has turned on from pressing it inside the car I am driving (I share the car, so I can't take the garage door button with me).

It's a good skill to have, walking in the dark. A good way to describe this awareness is proprioception. Sometimes however, like in your case - there are casualties 😂

The only time we really try to scold him with saying words is if he says something that we really don't like that's mean to someone. He's dropped a few swears here and there but in perfect context like when I accidentally broke the washing machine and water went all over the floor I yelled "oh shit!!" and ran. He did a similar thing a week or so later and yelled it at the right time and we couldn't help but crack up laughing because his context was perfect so he knew when to say it. If we don't say something for a while he doesn't use it so we just try to abstain from it rather than use it and get mad at him for doing what we do, can't fault him because he does what we do like kids are biologically supposed to.

Yeah I hear you about training yourself to do other things in scenarios like the dark. I haven't done it in a while but I trained myself to use either hand to brush my teeth and do other things just out of curiosity and it's hard! You fumble and get it wrong for a while but it's cool once your brain gets used to it. It's definitely a good thing to try and do because we take advantage of repetition and habit by doing something the same way every single time. You never know when you're gonna fall and bust up your hand so you can't do what you normally do so I just prepare myself for that. A bit strange but I think it's a worthwhile exercise.

I definitely did not practice good proprioception with either of my pinkie toes lol those little bastards always find the worst spots to hit!


Thanks for checking my post out but if I could recommend adding more than one or two word comments, it would help. I do not know if you speak English well and if not I am sorry but if you are able to give a good comment it will help you get more positive attention for your account and posts. I just want to give you some info that I have learned the hard way!

Sorry about the toe. I know the exact feeling where by you wish you can just scream out so loud that your voice reaches the clods but all you can do is hold it in.

Yeah for sure! It was very painful but I held it in surprisingly. We don't completely shelter our son from swearing but we try to do it the least we can so he doesn't run around doing it lol

Omg that hearts so bad, I know

Yeah it’s very painful at times! Those poor small toes lol