A Glow in the Clouds

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I had gone out this morning for my usual morning walk. The sky was cloudy and the sea fairly calm. It was quite early, around 07:00, and I was enjoying the show that only the sea can give you. Despite the clouds, the color of the sea is always magical ...


The sea takes on unique colors, never boring, and reflect the color of the clouds. Arrived on the beach, I noticed that the clouds thinned slightly and between them some weak sunrays tried to extricate themselves from the blanket of fog. The effect was magical.

I managed to capture this moment just in time, before the sun was covered in clouds again. It seems to me an epic scene based on a scene from an American film and a religious episode!

I captured the scene from my Redmi Note 7 smartphone and with this photo I participate in the contest Love The Clouds by @tobetada!

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Che bella questa foto, davvero bravo @claudio83
!giphy nice+shot

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The ray of sun is coming out from clouds. What a great sight! Thanks for sharing.

Nice capture!

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Congratulations @claudio83

Very nice shot!

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