Photo Prompt ~ Tell me Your Secrets

in OCDlast month

This image here is one image I have had for a very long time. I don't know why but there's something about it I just cannot let go of. It inspired this poem.
I hope it finds you well.


Tell me about your dreams
Those little thoughts on your mind
The vivid flashes you get
When you sit still
Excitements stealing your sleep

Tell me what increases your heartbeat
Some may say it’s the fun
Those things you love to do
Like a child licking a popsicle
Or a boy during his first climax

Tell me who you are
Unveil your person to me
The one hidden from the world
I want to see the ugly scares
Imperfections making up your being

Tell me what you want
Things you’d rather change
Places you wish to go
I want to know your fears
And the things you want gone

Tell me who you love
About friendships and family
I want to have a taste
Of your hidden passion
And hear the melody of your soul

Tell me your thoughts.

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