Love, Hate | 300 Word Flash Fiction

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The brush moves swiftly in front of her. A dip inside the paint and back to the canvas. She has been on it for over an hour now – back and forth without really stopping to examine her handwork. This is one thing she knows how to do, the only place she can escape.

Her brows furrow as she draws the final line. Her thoughts are full of him; his smile, the way he talks and walks, the sound of his laughter, the way he gesticulates. She shivers as she remember his gentle touch on her skin, the lazy lines he draws on her with his fingers. Cursing tersely, she dips the brush with more energy than required.

I want to be with you, only you. I love you very much, he had said to her. She remembers vividly. They had been five months in. She, already in love and unsure of how he felt. But all of it was a lie. The signs were there but she overlooked them.

She drops the brush and stares at the painting. This is the fifth one in three days, and she has done it again. His beautiful face stares back at her. He’s always had this innocence about him. They show even in his photos. She wants to stop painting him. She has tried and failed.

Letting her legs give way under her, she drops hard on the tiled floor. She lets the tears fall this time. She has gone soft. Back when she was her father's daughter, he wouldn't have gotten away with it. Nothing goes unpunished. She might have to become that person again. With a gun in her hand, she gets whatever she wants.

I love you and I hate you, she murmurs.

No more painting. It's time for action.

No preamble. Tell me your thoughts.

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Love the picture. Did you paint it?

I love you and I hate you

Real love is eternal and cannot turn to hate. Hate is the absence of love, from what i have come to understand.

Also, whatever comes to upset us, is a gift, a setup from the one true infinite self, to re-mind this finite self (only existing in time and space, which itself is only a secondary reality) to pay attention to the inner feelings, to dismiss the story of what appears to be happening now, or in the past. Instead, to fully feel these bodily feelings, which are the un-integrated emotions (tensions, which usually form in early childhood from trauma).

Persistent, consistent attention to this "practice", with no exterior blame, gradually dissolves these tensions (integrates the emotions) so we no longer need to attract upsetting people or events to us. So i have come to understand.

The Presence Process by Michael Brown is a phenomenal piece of work which explains this much more fully and offers a self-facilitated, fully instructed (in the book) emotional integration journey. I highly recommend it to all.

Those are my thoughts.

Much Love

Nope, I didn't paint the image. The link is there at the bottom of the post.

Your comment reminds me of the law of secret attraction. Abundant reality also. I'll look up the book.

Thanks for stopping by.

Unreciprocated love and it's dehumanizing after effect. It is what I picked on first. Your ability to stack details in such a short piece makes it fast and punchy. It is sad that her art wasn't enough to heal her broken heart.

Love is deeper than we think after all. Sometimes, our reality is not enough to help us through.

I love this. How many of us have been here with our art?

Thank you. Can't say I disagree.