Dragon Skin and dimensional instability

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This is enough dragon skin to make a nice cuirass. It is pretty rare to salvage an undamaged piece of dragon hide this large, typically the death explosion doesn't leave a lot behind except ash (and of course the bone shrapnel, don't forget about the bone shrapnel). This is a section from the back of the neck. This is actually the second time I have been lucky enough to recover a large piece of dragon skin - the Goddess smiles on me!


I ran into this bad boy on a family excursion down the Well of Tentacles. Luckily @yeti-the-dog alerted us to its presence and the Things hung back with @dillemma whilst I engaged in mano a dragón combat.

The Well of Tentacles is nice this time of year! We had a great excursion, dragon not withstanding.

I also recovered two intact tail spikes, which I offered up to the dark ones whose names have been forgotten. It was a slight detour on our way back to the dimensional gate, but a trip to the altar always serves to put things in perspective.
The Alter of the Nameless Ones.

On the way back through the dimensional portal we took a wrong vibration and turned into gaseous form for a while until we worked our way through a twisting wormhole back into our original bodies.


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