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RE: C is for: Thoughts on censorship, downvoting and token value

in OCDlast year

Happy to see that despite the downvotes you and @galenkp are doing pretty good :)


They are fine. Still easily $10+ posts despite those 2 downvoting.

Yes, and whilst they're downvoting me, and a few others, they're leaving you and the rest of the blockchain alone. For now at least.

I think they are only after the people being supported by the people they despise.

Yes, for now anyway at least.

Yeah, it is okay and there have been some countering votes that come in to support. I feel for Galen though, as while I have never shied away from the messy stuff, he has consistently been one of the best content creators on the platform daily and has engaged well for almost 3 years -he doesn't deserve getting downvoted like this.

Gonna send some (automated) love then ;)

Thanks mate, I appreciate it - for him :)

Thanks for that, he really is an excellent Steemian and engages a lot in other people's posts along with curation through curangel. With your and other's help countering these malicious downvotes people won't point fingers at ocdb over-voting favorites or whatever else they may think.

Glad I could help :) @tarazkp

Thank you @cardboard, I appreciate the endorsement.

I write here, in fact I am here, because I believe in it, enjoy writing and sharing the things I'm interested in and passionate about. I know not everyone loves every post I do but I put effort into it and hope that even if the topic may not suit others, that at least they appreciate the effort and style in which I present on the blockchain.

I have continued to post here, typically between 700-1500+ words over the last two months of downvoting and will continue to do so...I am not the type to quit...It's not in my nature, and especially so when I'm pushed around by bullies seeking relevance at other people's expense (and their own of course).

It actually has the opposite affect on me...It motivates, not de-motivates. So, they better settle in for the long haul because homie got words in his head...An endless amount of words...Lol. Oh so many words...Many. Many many words. Many. 🤣 (That means a lot in case there was any misunderstanding.)

#havewords #willpost

What I very much appreciate is engagement which I think will be clear to see for any who choose to investigate...And I appreciate the extremely generous way people have chosen to support me during this time and am not the sort to ever forget that.

Insignificant people can find relevance, can regain it, however many choose a different path, a negative path. It's sad really, that people like that feel relevant through their destructive behaviour but are too wound up in their feelings of poor self-worth and insignificance that they are blind to the fact that with a simple comment on my posts and an upvote they could become the hero's of the blockchain in many people's eyes. It's a mind-set, but one that takes courage, lack of ego and hubris and a little strength of character. Things that some won't ever possess.

Anyway, thank you again, the support here has been empowering and I'm very humbled and grateful.

P.s. #manywords. (just in case you didn't get it before). No one drives me away from that which I enjoy. I would have thought that would be clear by now.) 🙂

Thanks for reaching me out :)

people like that feel relevant through their destructive behaviour but are too wound up in their feelings of poor self-worth

So, toxic ones ;) We have few of those here for sure! And the fact that they can automate their toxicity is pretty discouraging but hey, we've got the community!

Hating oneself or ones position in life often spills out into hating others and the associated negative behaviour comes out also. Seen it before, will see it again.

It must suck having to constantly prop oneself up in an attempt to find relevance internally and externally...Yet, never quite finding it...I've seen it before...The attempts become more and more desperate and while there may be some momentary feeling of well-being gained through tearing someone else down, when it's dark and quiet and the person is all alone, escaping the feeling of irrelevance is impossible to do by projecting negativity.