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RE: Revisiting a Childhood Park in Troy, Ohio

in OCD2 months ago

That looks like it was a really cool place for you to hang out! That is funny that they just keep piling the mulch on top of the old stuff. We went to a campground that had a merry-go-round like that about a year ago. Our nephews were constantly begging me to push them because apparently I did it the fastest. No one broke and arm and no one puked, so that is good!


man, I'm amazed they still have that merry-go-round though. It is full on 70s deadly. haha! Once it gets going, only an act of God can stop it. It's friggin solid. Also, that spring toy is super dangerous. Not so much now that it's buried in mulch. But when I was a kid, I used to get my pants pinched into the spring.