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For the past five years or so, @mrsbozz and I have been been doing some annual volunteer work through a local college that we both attended.

Each year they have hundreds of current and prospective students fill out applications for scholarships.

We are part of a team that evaluates and rates the scholarships. We never see a name and we never learn the results of the work that we do, but it is always very rewarding.

In fact, I think that my experience on Steem has made me a better reviewer of the scholarships. I know it has made me a better writer and I am now able to apply those tools and concepts I have picked up along the way to my rating task.

I currently have about 33 reviews in my portal that are waiting for me to review. I will be honest, as rewarding as it is, I have been procrastinating a bit on getting started.

We have been fairly busy on the weekends and with everything that has been happening with Steem, a lot of my attention has been split between that and the other things of daily life.

My hope is to put a pretty big dent in this list of 33 by the end of the day today. We have a rubric that we are required to follow when we are rating the scholarships.

Each scholarship consists of two essay questions. The answer to each essay question is supposed to be no more than 250 words. If they write 150 to 250 they receive a score of 10. 100 to 149 words yields a score of 5 and anything outside of those ranges either above or below nets a score of zero.

In addition to the word count, we also rate them on their spelling and grammatical errors as well as the content itself. Did they answer the question that was posed without rambling or getting too far off topic? How relevant and thoughtful was their response to the question?

The two questions this year were: What is your career goal and why did you choose that career? If you could go back and change one decision (or behavior) in your life, what would it be and why?

It is always interesting to see what students come up with for their responses. It is also very interesting to see what types of fields they are planning on going into. Jobs and fields that were never on the table before might suddenly be something a student is pursuing.

For example, with the current legalization of recreational marijuana, I had a student last year who was planning on studying agriculture so they could go into the cannabis field. The world is definitely developing and evolving at an unprecedented pace!


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Thats great that you both giver your time for this and some of the entries must be so interesting

Have a great day

I am sure you are seeing some interesting stories!! It is also a big responsibility as this could have a major impact on a young persons life. All of the best with that heap of reviews waiting for you!!

It is pretty eye opening!

It must be interesting for some of the students who are answering these questions. I find that a lot of young people that I talk to haven't even really thought through the reasons why they want to study for a particular career.

I hate when it is based solely on making a good salary. I think this is why we have so many lackluster people in fields such as medicine. There is no passion for it; only people trying to make a buck.

That being said, there are a lot of deserving people out there, and it's good to know that there are people like yourself helping to get them through!

I had way to many people answer that first question with I don't know what I want to be. I get that it can be hard, but you must have an inkling. At least try a little instead of being so meh.

Thats a pretty cool volunteer gig you got. I could see that to be very rewarding. But I think I would be self conscious in maybe I was being too hard on some and too easy on others. Could be a very subjective thing, I guess

Good work dear steemian fellow❤️

that is a great project!

Thank you

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