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You would have to be following me for a really long time to know this about me, but I am a cancer survivor. Pretty early in my time on Steem, I wrote a series of posts that walked through my journey with testicular cancer.

I briefly mentioned in this Actifit post that I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.

It has been over two years now that I finished my last radiation treatment and yesterday was the first time that a doctor has actually used the word "remission".

It might seem silly, but that was actually a pretty big deal to me. I mean, I feel fine and none of the doctors before now have given me any reason to worry about my condition or prognosis. Actually hearing that word was in a way a relief to a tension that I never really knew existed.

This is a new doctor, so maybe that is part of it? My old oncologist made the decision to move to the Southern part of the US and on my last visit I was greeted with this new doctor. Perhaps the old doctor figured it was a given that I was in remission and never stated it out loud.

@mrsbozz suggested that maybe they have to wait a certain amount of time before they can officially say I am in remission. Does anyone know? Is there some mandatory two year wait list before the term can be thrown out there?

Even though I have been fortunate enough to gain that label, I have recently learned that a handful of my friends and colleagues are now starting or in the middle of their own journey with this horrible disease. My heart goes out to them and their families. I look forward to the day that I can open my Facebook feed and see that they too have earned the liberating label of "in remission".

Short post for me today, but personally, I think the content speaks volumes!

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What good news!

Once cancer is diagnosed it does worry you, sits in the back of your mind, my husband traveled the same journey ten years ago, men tend to put checkup's off, just as well wife will remind you... Keep going for the annual blood tests.

Indeed, it will always be a bit of a worry. I hate getting poked with needles, but I am definitely going to be staying on top of it.

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Congratulations on this @bozz! I can only imagine how much better it feels to have that weight lifted by hearing those positive words. I look forward to all of your friends reaching the same success.

Thanks! I appreciate it! Yes it is funny how after assuming it for the past two years actually hearing it makes such a difference.

You are the strongest
keep going

Thank you!

Wishing you enjoy a healthy & wonderful life!🙏

Thank you!

Congratulations i can only imagine how it must feel to hear the word Remission for your case

Thank you!

Hi Bozz and congrats on the wonderful news. In my country (Romania), after finishing chemo (or whatever treatment they give you) you need to be monitored for 5 years, which means tests every six months. Only after 5 years you can be declared healed. That's the procedure. Maybe it's two years in the US.

Good point. I think I am on a five year clock as well from what they said. Also like you said, I have to go back every six months. It alternates between doctors, but I think after that five years I don't need to go back to them again. Thank you!

I guess the 5 year monitoring is standard for every country. Anyway, stay healthy and good luck!

I may have missed the original posts, but I can imagine you had some really tough times. Cancer has to be scary for anyone. I think we've all lost friends and family to it and it seems to strike without reason in many cases. So good to hear you are over it.

So good to hear buddy !! Not sure if there is some official time span or not to be considered in remission ?