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I had a lot on my plate this past weekend. If you haven't been following my actifit posts, you will learn more about it later this week in my blog. All of the projects I tackled were pretty unexpected and this was one of the more successful ones.

Because my wife and I had went to see "Mesmerica" on Friday night, we weren't able to do our regular shopping trip. Instead we headed to the supermarket on Saturday morning. @mrsbozz mentioned that she had a coupon for Fram air filters if we needed them.

In fact, just about a month prior I was thinking we should probably get some new filters, so I looked up all of the model numbers we needed online and put them in my Google Keep app so I would have them for future reference.

The store actually had a pretty good selection of filters, but they didn't have the cabin air filter for my Truck and they didn't have the regular air filter for our car. We grabbed the cabin air filter for the car and the standard filter for the truck and finished our shopping trip.

If you are not familiar with cabin air filters, they are pretty standard in most newer cars and they are really hard to get to. In my wife's old car you had to open the hood and dig under the wipers and windshield to access it.

In her new car, you had to basically pull out the whole glovebox assembly to get to it. The filter replacement in the truck went off without a problem and then I decided to tackle this.


All I can say is thank goodness for Youtube and for my dad teaching me to not be afraid to try and fix something myself. I can't even begin to quantify the amount of money I have probably saved us by having a little bit of skill to fix some things myself. In fact just recently I was able to fix our clothes dryer with a $70 part versus having to buy a new dryer.

There are four screws that hold the bottom of the glove box in as well as the molding around it. Then there are a couple of screws at the top of the glove box you need to remove as well. This is for a 2014 Buick Lacrosse. Other vehicles will most definitely differ in placement and accessibility. If you pull away the dashboard on the right side of the glovebox you can drop it down and more easily access the area where the cabin air filter is held.


Quite honestly, getting the little flap to open so I could pull out the filter was the hardest part. There are two clips on the side and one on the top. The side clips are pretty easy, but the one on top I just knew I was going to smash my knuckles all up if I tried to use my hand. There is very little clearance. I was able to use a small screwdriver to pop the clip up and slide the filter out.


You can see the new filter on the left and the old filter on the right. The hassle of having to pull apart the glovebox and dash is well worth it to have clean air flowing through the car when you run the heat or the A/C.

Once the new filter was in place, it was just a matter of snapping things back in place and running the screws back in. In fact, the picture at the top is actually an after picture of the dash, not a before one. It doesn't even look like I had it apart does it?

If you are the type of person that doesn't mind tackling a little DIY work, next time you replace the air filter in your vehicle don't forget to check if it uses a cabin air filter as well! Remember, when in doubt, ask Youtube!

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I need to get more hand on myself with car repair I have been lazy andlet garages do the work till now

I must check the google Keep app I need a good note taking app

The filter was maybe $10. I guarantee a garage probably would have charged you $50 to $100 since they have to take the dash apart to do it.

yeah thats what I was thinking ;)

great job!

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Thank you!

I can remember when we were first going through driver's training. Before we could go fr our final road test to obtain our license, my dad made us change a tire on the car, change the oil, etc- basic car maintenance and repair. If we ever had to have work done on our cars, we HAD to help him. No ifs, ands or buts

Basic car knowledge is something most people don't know.

That is pretty awesome. Some things are harder these days because everything is so compact or they are all controlled by the computer. There are still things that I don't mind tackling though.

I had to do basic maintenance on my first car to be able to drive.

Got a flat tire on the car I currently drive and I couldn't do anything about it because the spare tire was in the undercarriage and needed special tools to take out.

It feels like a gimmick to make us be more consumeristic!

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At the moment, I'm trying get my courage up to replace the headlamps on the our car... I have to try and find the right part first though... I have watched quite a few YouTube videos on how to do... but that first time is pretty daunting!

Some of them are a real pain too. I had a car I worked on one time where you had to basically pull the whole grill off to get to them. It was horrible! Good luck and I have faith that you can do it no problem!

LOL... thanks for the pep talk there!

Don't touch the lightbulb! The grease on your hands (even if they are "clean") will make them go out faster.

Ask me how I know... lol.

Haha... hmmm... this gives me pause!

I like fixing stuff myself too, and teach my kids to do the same. I use youtube for those things as well though sometimes it takes me a few videos to find a "good" one.

We have fixed electronics like that too and my 7 year old figured out how to keep using a laptop who's screen is no longer connected to the keyboard. Well, its technically connected with wires...

That is pretty awesome! There sure is a lot of crap on YouTube, but every now and then you find something good!