Geumpang Village (After dark, the light rises)

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Gumpang Village is one of the villages in Putri Betung Subdistrict, Gayo Lues Regency. The village is located at the foot of Mount Leuser, which is the lungs of the world. The time needed to reach Gumpang Village is 3 hours from the direction of the town of Gayo Lues Regency. All this time, the life of the people of Gumpang Village has been going on without electricity. No wonder that for many years electricity has been the dream of the people.

Thankfully, since the Urban Poverty Reduction Program (P2KP) entered this region, the people's dream of having electricity came true. Not felt, a year has left the darkness of my village. Jokes and laughter in the stalls as if marking the life of an increasingly cheerful Gumpang Village community. "Electricity" lights up "the village," said Wahyu, a community leader who is respected by residents of Gumpang Village.


CONSTRUCTION: The atmosphere in the Gumpang Village during the discussion about the large contribution of electricity in the Gumpang Village originating from the diesel power plant was felt to be very beneficial for the community. Before, before there was electricity, the villagers had already laid down (sleeping) after the evening prayer. Now, after the Isha prayer the residents choose to leave the house watching TV at the stall. Calculations, besides being entertained, knowledge also increases. "Those who watch at the stalls are those who do not have a television." All Jabo BKM Collective Leaders Coordinator Musara Syamsul Bahri. The existence of electricity also spurred the public to compete in buying electronic equipment, such as sound, television, satellite dish, iron, and even cosmos (rice cookers).

The Bina Karya Community Self-Help Group (KSM) first submitted an application to the BKM Jabo Musara to become a generator of a power generator. Old men taro, getting older increasingly so, maybe it's a proper nickname bears the KSM commanded by Bang Thalib. The reason, KSM Bina Karya is able to survive through a wave of tests exposed to slanted gossip and issues of unclear origin.


During the past year, the KSM has worked hard to maintain the sustainability of environmental activities. The result, deserves two thumbs up. The proof, electricity continues to burn for a year, although it can only be burning for five hours, it also depends on an agreement with the public users of this diesel electric service.

There have been many self-help provided by KSM. Not only by them alone, residents of Gumpang Village also have a lot of self-help, so they feel they have this diesel engine. Monthly fees are determined through a pre construction meeting (PCM) or consultation / deliberation. His decision, residents who use electricity for the use of lights alone were withdrawn Rp. 22,500. While those who have a television, a fee of Rp 50,000 is withdrawn. After five months of running, monthly fees have increased by 10%, after going through community consultation as well.

Why is electricity difficult to get into this village? The Gumpang village area is indeed included in the Gunung Leuser ecosystem. Perhaps the reason is that the authorities responsible for the lives of many people - such as PLN - do not yet have a plan to facilitate the Gumpang Village to get electricity. Or, maybe also, this relates to existing budget funds. In fact, it could be due to investment problems, where profits and losses must have been calculated.


One thing to worry about, will their village sink back into the dark, if the generator engine is overloaded. Only BKM, KSM and the community itself can answer it, because they are the KPP. Even so, the public is grateful for the presence of this electricity. "The community is grateful for the work of Pak Onny (Facilitator) and P2KP for helping to realize the dreams of the people, from a world filled with darkness, to become a bright world," said Jabo BKM Coordinator Musara Syamsul Bahri. Korkot 1 Gayo Lues, KMW III P2KP-3 NAD and ACT.

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Aceh, June 17-2020

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