A story of a cookie factory

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The story goes like this. I like to buy stuff during Valentine's day. I'm not gay, but I do have boyfriends. So I decided to buy loads of cookies from one of my boyfriend, which he offered me at a bargain price to buy his cookie factory which has 70 million cookies in it.

Little do I know, few days later the boyfriend who sold me cookie factory turn his phone off, changes his address, deleted his facebook and left me to talk to a bunch of his associates and those machine operators. Apparently, the boyfriend had a factory that holds absolutely nothing other than 1 big oven toaster, 70 million ninja cookies. The worker does not allow me to take out those cookies because they said those are supposed to use to keep the factory running. They get the union blocking infront of the factory gate wouldn't allow me to bring out cookies unless they give me an approval.

Seriously people, I own the factory now, the cookies in it is supposed to be my asset. I can do whatever the fuck I want with it. I need to come up with a plan to get those cookies out. I told them to calm down, we will come to an agreement on how do we use those 70 million cookies in the factory.

So I get a few of my friends whose have huge cookie container trucks, so they can bring in those trucks to my factory, on their way in they crash to the guys at the union that is standing on our way. We manage to secure the entire factory and declare a huge victory. I told those wounded, look here guys. I really have no interests in running a cookies factory. I just like to have some cookies, and I like to sell my cookies for a huge profit. I will quickly fill up the cookies into the trucks, I don't care if the current practice needs to stock up for 13 weeks of reserve. I like my cookies fresh.

Little did I know, there are so many more workers and union people turn up and formed a human barricade. They start to move my trucks away. My friends started to turn their back against me, it's my bad I shouldn't openly say he's not my friend.

Now I have a problem. If I start loading cookies into my transport, they will come in and really lock me down in my cookie vault. I have only one hand, I can't possibly be loading and running the factory at the same time. If I start to drive the truck out, they will come in and take away my truck ignition keys and I will not be able to drive more than 1 truck out.

It's really unfair. I love cookies. And I did spent my money to buy a cookie factory. I got so upset and frustrated because I was mistreated. Do these workers even like me? Or I'm only their fubu?

Is there anyone out there would like to buy my cookie factory now? The fact is, when I bought the cookie factory, a cookie worth 20 cents, and my boyfriend sold it to me at 10 cents a piece. It was a bargain. But now, even if I can sell it, it will not be 10 cents a piece anymore... duh... to be continue... if there's a continue.

I would like to emphasize this is not a financial advise, neither its related to anyone nor any situation happening in any blockchain.


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