Picasso The Crazy Cat Videos

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This is a video compilation post of my cat Picasso.
Yes, I've posted some of the material before, but I thought it was worth putting them all in one post, just because I think the videos are pretty hilarious!
I think you will enjoy these videos, especially if you like cats! :)

Watch Out For Picasso a.k.a. Miss Fury!

Let me introduce you to our cat Picasso who loves to play in the snow!
She's a little bit crazy but that's why we love her so much!
Her favorite game is "Hide and Seek"!

Prey in sight!

OMG! Vermin in our Rhododendron!

Catnip Trip!

I was wondering why Picasso was rolling on the ground like a maniac.
Well, she had found the catnip sprouts, and she was tripping like crazy!
I guess we all need a good buzz once in a while.
Immediately, I started thinking of this song😅: 🎝Afroman - Because I got high.🎝

Background music in all videos: bensound.com

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for stopping by!


Cat videos (and photos) NEVER get old!

I agree! :)..thanks for stopping by!


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Hahaha! The springy cat is still one of my favourites


I am in love with Picasso!

So am I! :D

Epic! :D


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