National Culture Day

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A few words about what I think would be one of our duties as bloggers in Steemit. Of course, there are many requirements if we want to do something useful.

First of all, it is about quality, we have a duty to bring quality in our posts. The quality can be understood differently so I want to give a general criterion. We are different and I think first and foremost our posts must show that I made an effort when I wrote them. The main desire was to pass on something to others, something from our thinking and sensitivity, something from our talents ...

Secondly, considering that we live in so different areas of our world, especially those from smaller countries and communities, I think we have a duty to post especially about our country, the place we live in, about art and culture of the people we come from. That would help enormously to get to know each other better and to understand better what we create here. Let's not forget that the Steemit platform is a superior social media platform that rewards work and ensures a cleaner approach between people!

I am from Romania, you can find out more about Romania at the end of the blog, and I like to present as much of my country and about how people live in these places. The spirit of these words follows my blog today about a special day for me and for Romania.

The National Culture Day

On January 15, National Culture Day is celebrated. Why today, why on January 15? Because ...

... on January 15, 1850, Mihai Eminescu was born. Mihai Eminescu is considered the national poet of Romania. The first modern poet, the last romantic! It greatly influenced the development of the Romanian literary language. He was also an incisive journalist, novelist, great patriot, and bohemian. Even a great conqueror of the hearts of women of his time.



Eminescu is considered a genius of Romanian culture. He studied at Humboldt University of Berlin (1872-1874) and University of Vienna (1869-1872) and used in his poems many of the advanced philosophical themes of the time.

Like any genius, he had an unhappy life and a terrible end. He died in a mental illness hospital probably killed by a patient.

Today Eminescu is loved and celebrated but yet criticized by many. In particular, because in a period it was not allowed to have opinions against it (the communist regime created a kind of cult for propaganda reasons) ... after the liberation from communism many challengers of its value appeared, from the spirit of rebelliousness.

I, without being a specialist, remained an admirer of this poet and his poems. And not only me, but the fact that the day of the Romanian culture was established on the day of Eminescu's birth also shows that the vast majority of Romanians still appreciate him to the highest degree!

I must exemplify with a short poem in order to understand what I said. Poetry is a genre of art that has the highest quality in the native language of the poet. Translations lose the quality and message of poetry. However, there is no other possibility to know other peoples' cultures other than through translation, so ... a short poem translated into English.


One wish alone have I:
In some calm land
Beside the sea to die;
Upon its strand
That I forever sleep,
The forest near,
A heaven clear
Stretched o'er the peaceful deep.
No candles shine,
Nor tomb I need, instead
Let them for me a bed
Of twigs entwine.

That no one weeps my end,
Nor for me grieves,
But let the autumn lend
Tongues to the leaves,
When brooklet ripples fall
With murmuring sound,
And moon is found
Among the pine-trees tall,
While softly rings
The wind its trembling chime
And over me the lime
Its blossom flings.

As I will then no more
A wanderer be,
Let them with fondness store
My memory.
And Lucifer the while,
Above the pine,
Good comrade mine,
Will on me gently smile;
In mournful mood,
The sea sing sad refrain. . .
And I be earth again
In solitude.

English version by Corneliu M. Popescu
Transcribed by Oana Dumitrache
School No. 10, Focsani, Romania



I hope this presentation will help a reader to know if I do not know what will happen to hear the name of Mihai Eminescu. The most important Romanian poet!

A flower for the poet, from the day of his birth. Like any romantic, he certainly loved flowers too!



I once initiated a challenge called SAM. Something About Me. I thought it was good for our readers to know more about us and to understand better what we are posting. Well, SAM is dead but I still think it would be in everyone's interest to get to know each other better. This is the reason for the short presentation below!


  • I am Dan and I live in Bucharest, Romania.
    Born in 1954, married and retired. I worked in construction and banking system.
    My passions: Art (film, music, photography, painting), Travel and even Cooking.

  • Romania is the sixth largest country in the European Union. Unfortunately, due to over fifty years of communism (1947-1989) and a reluctant transition to capitalism (1990 and up to now), Romania is among the least economically and socially developed countries. I hope this will settle quickly in the near future.
    Instead, it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe!



Don't believe the word, please check here!


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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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Reading was weirdly comforting and I felt sad for Eminescu because of how he ended. Life's filled with ironies and geniuses that don't sell out often end up alone in a dark place.

Something about me:
I'm Belemo, 27 years old, and live in Nigeria. I also think knowing a thing or two about the persons behind the account helps me connect with the post more. I'm an unemployed student, studying for a masters in Aerospace engineering.
Job opportunities are hard to come by and despite this master's degree, I'll still get an entry-level job that I intend to do for one year or just a bit more then hopefully save enough in that period to move out of this hell hole of a country.

Well, Belemo, I know more about you now. It means this works. I am sorry for this difficult time for you but you have an advantage, you are young and very likely to succeed. Luck!

Thsnks. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I didn't have time to read all this, so I resteemed it (after the 100% upvote)
I will come back after I get home today to read it more in depth; what I
DID have time to read was intriguing @bluemoon. Well done.

Thank you very much, you are the first proof that I didn't write for nothing. I hope you like the poetry of a poet you almost certainly haven't heard.

No one writes for nothing @bluemoon.
I just walked in the door from having the inside of my bladder scoped out, so I'm going to rest a bit first. Then I'll come back and have a looksee.

I wanted to say that my audience is small and few read an entire blog. Of course, I don't write for nothing, I write first for myself and for my development ... then to keep memories.
When I manage to convey my thoughts to others, I am happy.

That was one of the things that attracted me to the Blockchain; the sense of permanence that what I write will be here forever. Well, as long as there are people with electronics anyway.
Tell me something, I keep seeing these Hive tags, what are they, what is the advantage of using them? What do you do to qualify to be able to use them?
I did one the other day no knowing, I didn't see any responses or differences. Just curious. Thanks in advance @bluemoon

Yes, and I'm attracted to this feature of the Blockchain.
These "hive" represent some communities, they are like tags.
I posted in the OCD community. By posting in this community you have the chance to be noticed and receive consistent votes.
Please read here:

And here is where it gets sticky for me.
{From now on we will be focusing our curation and other initiatives such as #posh on our community. }(what is #posh?)
{To incentivize curation we are going to mainly curate #posh posts after 24h with the @ocdb account } um... what?
{We understand that many big stakeholders attempt to try and front-run others and don't vote on certain posts that have already garnered a lot of votes cause they think they'll miss out on curation rewards}
Personally, since my upvotes are never worth more than 1¢ at 100%, I don't upvote someone whose post value is already over say,... $5 because they don't need my penny, someone else like me that rarely gets more than $.50 for a post in the week's payout, I just don't think that giving my upvote to someone who already has more than me, is a good idea.
I upvote:
A. posts that are worthy of upvoting, and
B. posts by people I know, or have interacted with before.

{Steem is better than it has been in a long time (I couldn't disagree more) and now's the time to focus curation on traffic, onboarding and retention of new users. }
well, that's my stump and I guess I stand on it alone until it rots out from under me.

I don't like all this "Stand on one foot with your right thumb in your left ear while you hit the upvote button" (all the crap you seem to be asked to do to get upvotes these days)
Upvotes should be based on the quality of the work imo.
Thanks for the information Dan.
Sper să petreci o seară minunată acolo, în România @bluemoon

Hi Dan (@bluemoon) I've now read the full presentation, and I applaud you. I always thought Nicolae Ceausescu did you all a MASSIVE disservice, as dictators are wont to do.
Your language (especially the last name pronunciations) intrigue me.
This poem lost something in translation I think, but it was still impressive.
Happy Birthday Mihai Eminescu, may your works and memory live forever.

Thank you! I am impressed by your interest and understanding of the situation in Romania. That's right, the dictatorship influenced the development of the country and left its mark everywhere.

This is true worldwide, dictatorships do that to all peoples. And in my knowledge and awareness, never in a good way.

That's true!

Hi, @bluemoon!

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Thank you!

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