Lots of Sun on the Island of Thassos

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This contest, fortunately resumed by @uwelang, and called Sun Thursday touches some of my passions and pleasures and because of this I have hardly counted the days until today, July 30. The day when the third edition starts. I didn't know about the first two editions in time ...

I like the sun and I am grateful to him, as we should all be. One of the main conditions for us to be here on Earth is that the sun exists and is there.

Two of my great pleasures in life, summer and the sea are closely related to the sun.

Because this summer covid-19 prevents me from making the usual trip to the sea, I console myself by participating in this contest with some photos from the island of Thassos, Greece. My favorite place for my summer vacation.


From my point of view all the photos are about the sun even if it does not appear. Sunlight appears in all photos. Because of this I divide them into several categories.

When the sun goes down and can be photographed directly even by amateurs like me.




When the sun's rays are reflected on the ground or water.




Because I mean Greece, the sun on boats and ships.



Wherever there are shadows, it means that there is also sun.



I like the sun and I would have liked to sing something about it. Because I don't know how to sing, I will ask for the help of those who know.

This pandemic robbed me of the joy of seeing the island of Thassos again this year. I will be content to remember last year's holiday with the help of photos.

I remember Greek food at the tavern.



I remember a small beach, one of several dozen.


I remember the small town of Limenaria.



I remember the flowers... #alwaysaflower as @dswigle usually says.


Lots of nice memories because of a contest about the sun. Sun Thursday!

I invite you to participate too. The Rules here!

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I am so glad that you saw @uwelang's contest! How did you not know about #SunThursday?? You and the sun? Match made in heaven.

You have demonstrated just how awesome the sun is, clearly, there isn't a day that the sun doesn't shine, if only in your heart! There are so many beautiful moments in this post, but, that golden moment. Perfection. There is something to be said about the sun and the sea. The go together peanut butter and jelly. Strawberry or gooseberry is preferred by me. I dare not put one on a slice of bread without the other. It would be blasphemy. :)

Thank you for the shoutout for #alwaysaflower! It is always appreciated.

Good luck with the contest! There are so many stunning pictures between the title and here!

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Thanks, Denise! I know about Sun Thursday, I also posted last week, out of the contest. I hope you know that I participate in contests primarily because they give me a theme for the blog and a motivation to write. I like to be noticed the post and the effort made but I win quite rarely. There are a lot of talented people around us!
You made me want to try peanut butter and jelly (strawberry or gooseberry).

My granddaughter is consuming me all the time now. I have to answer you about five comments, I hope to do it tomorrow. Please forgive me for being late!

Never worry, Dan! I am so far behind that I cannot see yesterday anymore.


I don't even have a baby to blame! Thanks and good luck in the contest!

Thank you! However, I am sorry that I did not manage to answer in time.

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Your photography is awesome! Very cool view.

Thank You very much!

Very nice photos!! Great vibes too.

Thank You, You are very kind!

Nice pics! I lived in Europe but never made it to Greece. It does look lovely and I know the food is wonderful. I've heard there is a great music/art scene as well. The islands are famous of course :) Great eye of the sun!

Thank You, Greece is a gift for us! Hope to nave a new trip there as soon as possible.

how are you dear friend @bluemoon good morning
What beautiful photos you show us, that place is charming, someday I will give myself a trip and visit those beautiful lands.
Undoubtedly the sun is very important in our existence, as the corona virus robbed us of the joy of visiting the places we so long for
I appreciate that you let us know these wonderful images
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid weekend, that you enjoy a lot together with the people you love

Thank You! Let us hope for better times.

Your photos are lovely. I love the sun, I love Greece! Thank you!

Greece is my favorite. Beautiful country. Thank You!

I also love Greece for its beauty, for its people. Food there is also excellent.

Wow this is lovely indeed. What do you shoot with? I take awesome photos as well 😊

Well, with Canon and my smartphone, thanks!

Nice pictures, congratulations.

Thank you!

Thanks @bluemoon for submitting to SunThursday - your post has been evaluated, shared and voted - the results will be released soon!

Thank you! It was a pleasure to be in your contest.

Congratulations, Dan! @bluemoon

Thank you very much!