Autovotes, curation, quality content and ROI - thoughts?

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Do you search for value on behalf of your work? Of course, you do. Everyone does.

It is almost impossible to find an author that puts time and effort into their work and not look forward to appreciation. This may come in many forms: comments, views, upvotes or even getting mentioned in a curation list.

Some users often get on an autovote list. And that feels good. Yes, it does.

You may be wondering why some of your work doesn't get the reward you expect it to. There are many reasons for that, maybe you haven't been discovered by a henchman of the curation accounts, maybe your post isn't up to par, maybe you haven't engaged much or marketed your post so it gets some exposure.

But then again you come across posts that either have just as much, or lower, effort as your posts and you wonder why the numbers on the right corner are way higher than yours.

Have they done something you haven't? Do they have an onlyfans account where the subscriptions are paid through hive upvotes? The possibilities are endless.

You sneak into their account and realize the big numbers are a common theme. And the big numbers come from the same accounts. Ah! Autovotes!

Here comes the issue with autovotes. When an author gets linked to an autoupvote trail which leaves massive upvotes on their posts, there are 2 parties involved. The author and the "curators".

The author gets the motivation to create just as, or even better, quality posts to uphold the platform's reputation. They know their work will get recognized and possibly even get highlighted more. There is no visible reason they need to worry about putting effort and getting no notable result.

The auto-curators are content with incentivizing an excellent author, and doing their part in keeping the chain running on good posts with good rewards. Also, they can just forget about the author and enjoy the HP from curation rewards. 2 birds, 1 stone.

There lies a problem which is abundantly discussed.
Unfortunately, some of these authors can go rogue. They start abusing the rewards by posting mediocre posts, knowing they will get the massive upvotes and a trail will follow. The quality doesn't matter since more and more people will join the upvote circle to maximize the rewards before the big vote comes in.

It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. If you have a nerve popping out of your forehead by now, and your pointer at the dv button, you might be the one wearing a shoe that fits.

Who is to blame?
The author needs to realize that they have been given a responsibility and they need to adhere to it. The autovoters need to realize the power shift they are causing, and should be vigilant in revising their autovotes often. It is a double edged sword. Can't blame one party.

But what if you create a post that takes hours to make? Do such posts exist? Yes. Technically I could show you a post that took me around 24 hours, including planning, travelling to the spot, extensive research and material collection, on-spot mentally replanning of the post, travelling back and spending well over 3 hours in deciding how to write the post an executing it.

You have a post like this. I guarantee it. If you are a content creator and don't have a post that took hours to compile or execute, then you haven't really posted, yet.

The post then gets $3.14 and you have a huge grin on your face. "Hey, that's pretty good".

Once the high of the reward wears off, which also lasts just about 3.14 seconds, you realize that isn't enough. It does not, in any way, reflect the effort put in the post nor the quality.

So you wait, wait, and wait. Until the post pays out and you still don't get another upvote. What happened?

Hive is an investment. Hive is a business. Investors want their money to grow more money. ROI. That is what happened.

When a maximiser upvotes your post, they get the most ROI from their vote in for CR. Anybody coming after that is feeding more CR to the maximiser account.

Not only that, but they will motivating them to keep doing so. On the other hand, the fist voter (maximiser) is getting a bigger ROI if no one comes in after.


Will someone not protect their earnings? Will someone feed their competition more profit? Will they sacrifice the two before just to keep authors going?

When you look at upvotes in the form of a business where every percent of the ROI matters, you realize curation and upvoting are 2 very different things. It is not just "That's a nice post. Have my big upvote, sir/ma'am/apache helicopter."

Real curation revolves around Hive, not ROI. Upvoting is more about bagging the profits. If a curation trail comes by your post few hours, a day or two after posting, you can be sure you were "curated" and not "upvoted".

Are there curators? Yes. Individual and on a community level.
And to them I say, Keep it up.

All the above mentioned are opinions and thoughts subject to modification through education.
Topic was inspired by a randomly initiated chat on OCD Discord.


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Great article. The question is indeed double-edged. I think the best time is yet to come.

Considering hive is just in its beginning steps, the best is really yet to come.