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Thanks for @theycallmedan organizing this Community AMA question. And this was a question posted by members within my community TeamMalaysia during one of my online sessions which I was unable to answer it. I don't even know who to tag but lemme try and see if we can get an answer.

who owns the domain.jpg

So who owns these 2 domains as it seems to be liveblood of this community even though its decentralized, however people still come to these 2 domains and its getting a lot of hits.

Here was the concern ... the domain was renewed only for 1 year. And a lot of things can happen in 1 year and being a community project, what happens if the renewal is not done or the owner decides to sell off the domain, is there an arrangement that is in place that this will not happen ?

domain 1.JPG

domain 2.JPG

So thats the question ...

Who owns HIVE.BLOG and HIVEBLOCKS.COM ???? And why not just renew it for 10 years or something ? And is there an existing arrangement to not sell off these domains and to continue renewing it ?

Going to tag the top 10 witnesses for this as I really don't know who to tag. Would appreciate an answer so I can also reply back to the community the next time its asked.


Checkout this initiative post here :-


Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

Domain renewal depends on registrars, not individual choice, it is quite common practice to enable auto renewal instead of paying upfront for multiple years.

don't really agree with you on this as domain renewals is based on who the domain is registered to ( the "owner" ) and the registrar will only renew based on the "owner" 's instruction to renew it which is in this case is an individual.

Yes, that's correct. I was just meaning to say that normally people don't bother to extend renewals when they purchase the domain name, extending for multiple years comes usually in consecutive years, from psychological point of view. At least I do same, when I get new domain, I don't usually extend them right away for multiple years but after year or two then I do multiple years.

Multiple years gives a slight SEO boost.

Really? Any links to read on that, didn't really know about that. Thanks

There is no clear answer, but many have suspected it for a long time, and signs kind of point to it despite they claiming it doesn't.

(I just dug up the first post I saw on it)

Hive live regardless of domains, those are per dApp and in a wider picture - irrelevant.
There's nothing special in any of them.