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RE: First month on the blockchain - A social media junkie’s hive journey

in OCDlast year

I'm really glad you found your way here and that you stuck it out through the first few days.

I'm not sure what can be done to smooth that transition at this point, but people ARE working on it. Delegated RC pools will happen in the not too distant future so that everybody that comes on board can upvote and comment and post right away.

It's really good to be able to get to know you a bit and share literature with you.

Really glad you are here!


The first few days went by figuring out a lot of stuff. I may not be a tech genius but curious at least. 😄

That's some good news. With more people signing up, it would be better for the platform if it incorporates some of the simplicities traditional social media provides.

I'm glad to know you as well! 😊 I've enjoyed exchanging ideas and preference in literature and I'll look forward to see more of those.