My Goals for the week

in OCDlast month

Hi everyone, I came back to active blogging about a week ago and I must say it has not been easy adapting to the steady posting and engaging on the network. So I decided to post my goals for the week and I hope to use this to check my progress this week.

General objectives for the week

  • To post and engage more on the hive ecosystem
  • To increase my knowledge on defi

Specific objectives

  • To post at least once a day
  • To engage with at least 10 people a day
  • To engage with one new person every day on the hive blockchain
  • To learn about cub, the economics and everything.
  • To learn about other defi projects and what makes a defi project a great investment.

I also intend to read a book a week. I am currently reading the richest man in Babylon. I hope to be done with it and then start reading the intelligent investor. I think that's all for my week.

Thank you for reading.