The art of letting go.

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Found this video while going through old files on my pc. I certainly changed quite a bit and look older, even though it seems it has been a few months it is actually 7 years.

At that time we have just launched BeScouted project. Feeling so sure about the success, about all the problems we are going to solve for the creative community i was working tirelessly. Raising money, building product and depriving myself of personal life.

7 years forward... project did not stick and was left hibernating on life support. The solution was either too complicated or we failed to get initial traction and were outpaced, and flat out lied by facebook that became a mammoth during that time. Problems of creative people yet remained the same but value they have created filled the pockets of certain share holders of a blue logo.

That's probably the way it works. Like in TV Show i was watching recently 12 Monkeys. No matter what you do to change the past the outcome is always the same.

I wish i had let the project go many years ago. But i did not. It's probably that desire to be right, to prove something to have a purpose or something else because creatives did not see value in what we did, even though i thought it could change the industry and the ways creatives can cooperate and share the value through creating common projects.

Photos in the video are from a photoshoot i did even before starting the project. Sometimes i wish i have stayed just a photographer and watched after my own life instead trying to help those that did not ask for my help.

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