The life of a Steem Addict featuring Steem Memes

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Hello, how you doing this fine day? Great, I suppose. It's a lovely Wednesday, it's just about Noon at the time of publishing this post and 50% of my day has been on Steem. Considering I woke up by 6am, that's like 3 hours of my day spent scrolling through various Steem front ends.

Addiction of any form is an issue but with Steem, I can't say for sure, considering you actually earn real money from your activities. If you exhibit two or more of the signs, odds are that you are a chronic Steem addict;

The first thing you check every morning

Steem addiction rises as the day breaks. If you've noticed that the first thing you do every morning is run to your favourite Steem front end every morning, you're probably suffering from full blown Steem addiction. Who can blame you though, considering there are frontends like Palnet, Neoxian, Creativecoin, Lifestyle, Sportstalksocial, Steemleo, Dtube, @threespeak, and a whole lot of communities to pick from, it's pretty easy to develop an addiction.

Spend too much time on Discord

Steem addiction is real, ladies and gentlemen, and it's eaten into my brain. Virtually all communities and cults( *coughs **@lordbutterfly) are on discord. You're not a Steemian if you don't know about discord and you're not an addict if you don't participate in the communities there. Then, of course, there is also the one-way conversation with @ginabot that you never get tired of. I can bet my left testicle that you, yes you reading this right now was on discord only a moment ago You're a junky, accept it

Refresh your page... A lot

Okay maybe this is just me and I'm not ashamed to admit it but I refresh my page a lot of times. I could just tell Ginabot to notify me of upvotes but I chose not to because I enjoy the suspense.
It's always sweet to receive a random big upvote from an unexpected(or expected) account. I end up reloading my page like 50 times immediately after I drop a post. I certainly can't be the only one, damn.

Read at least 20 posts daily

You're almost certainly a Steem junky if you find yourself refreshing your Steem page over and over again with the hope that you'll run into one of your favourite author's posts or perhaps discover some new talent hidden in the rough. Personally, I reload my page at least 1,000 times daily, just searching and hoping I'd run into posts from interesting authors like @dandays, @anomadsoul, @chekhola, @mariannewest @josediccus @lordbutterfly's rants and if all else fails, you can just settle for some perfectly executed shitposts by @trumpman. Honestly, there are so many to pick from and addiction becomes the only logical route.

Jerk off with Dporn Videos

Ever since @chekholer told me about this mysterious Island called Dporn, my life hasn't been the same ever since. I go there when I'm feeling lonely and extra points that I get to interact with some of my mentors and role models there.

Don't bother checking my activities though, you won't find any evidence there. I created a secret Alt that is in no way affiliated with my account for this purpose.

The Last thing you check before going to bed

The day starts with Steem and in typical Steem junky fashion, you check your stocks right before going to bed. You go through your posts to check who upvoted you and who downvoted you. You scheme through your feeds to see what's popping, perhaps engage a few posts and milk the system like @whatsup would say. Maybe throw a few upvotes here and there, then finally close it all by checking CMC or any other coin price app to see how things are doing. The market is bullish.

Goodnight my dear addict and continue dreaming of better times. Tomorrow is another day and we go again.


Loool...Steemleo's price chart is a like a curse...having to conveniently track top coins while reading posts has gotten the best of me....I need a therapy....steem therapy :)

Man, I keep refreshing page like say them keep something there for me.

Didnt know i ran a cult. hmmm.
I shall start requesting contributions in the form of cash and booty from all members!

I can only offer @trumpman's booty because technically it's my booty

Ill give you a dollar for it, no more then that.

Thrice the market value. Solddd

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