Beauty Found Within That, Which Brings Me To Tears

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I Hustle Toward Home ..

Only to be interrupted by what used to be a quick stop at the grocery store. This is not the case any longer, and there is nothing "Quick" about it. While I wait in a line of 'One', for my turn to enter the store, I stare at the digital list I thumbed into my phone a few hours earlier. There's nothing out of the ordinary on it. Just the usual; fruits, vegetables, poultry, ice cream, and other such items. I don't get my hopes up that there will be any paper products or other popularly horded items. I hear, "sir?! You may head in," and so I do. I briskly push my cart past the young gentleman, only wearing his face mask around his chin and neck.

I Quickly Make My Way ..

Up and down the isles, grabbing this and that. I was trying to remember everything I forgot, so that I would not have to return for a while longer. No such luck. I suppose that comes with age. Eventually I made it to the produce department where I was not surprised to see everything picked over and looking bare. On my list were Strawberries, Bananas, Lemons, Lettuce, Spinach, Green Peppers and a single Onion. I gathered all items but the Onion.. The simple, multi-layered, sweet onion. I only wanted one and there were non to be found. I hunted through the leftover dried skin peals and even looked into the dark places at the back of the bin.. but did not prevail. Just when I thought all hope was gone, I happened to see one sitting mixed in with the potatoes. Victory was mine, and with the speed of sound, I checked out, paid and took my bounty home.

It's Morning Now ..

I pour a cup of coffee and ready myself for the drive to work and the day ahead of me. While pouring the coffee, I catch myself staring at that same onion from the day before. Unlike yesterday, it's now in plain sight. I notice the light hitting its skin. I place it on the window sill for a better more detailed look. I notice its dried pealing skin, the thin slightly translucent layers, and the veins running this way and that. I think about how good it will taste after I suffer through the tears when chopping and dicing. I think about how I wish there were two of them, and now I may be forced to return to the store for another in a few days.

The Photographer In Me Came Forward ..

Took notice of the simple beauty in my one single onion. I proceeded to capture a few frames of the golden sweetness, the best an amateur can hope to.

Drum roll please! I present to you.. An Onion!!!

Black and White is always more mysterious ..








Here are the colored shots in case black and white is not your thing..








I Am Sorry To Have Brought You To Tears With My Story ..

Or was it just the onion?

Have A Great Day or Night my fellow Hivesters!!



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Sweet! Thank you for the support!!😁

Who knew you can pimp out an onion? Wow! I really like reading your blog, cause I never know what to expect. Kudos to you!

Hahaha.. So true. At the beginning of my steemit days, I thought I would stick to a particular theme.. art. But over time, it's been harder and harder to find available time to paint, so I have resorted to posting on just about anything. hehe. I enjoy posting and writing. I am super happy to hear you enjoy my goof ball stuff. Great to hear from you!

I love how everyday things can be art... it's just a matter of taking the time to truly look at things we perhaps otherwise take for granted.

And yes, they can bring us to tears, even when they are not onions!

Haha. Love your response. You speak some truth here. Most of us have the time, we may as well spend it looking around at our surroundings. Hehe. Thanks for the support.

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