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I love doing weird things, in art I mean. I have never liked fashionable things or those that the majority like, in some way I always tend to go against the current in that sense, and in others as well...
Many times things are classified as dark that for me would have other labels, such as deep, mysterious, hidden, unknown,...
As I have commented on other times, long exposures fascinate me and one day I asked myself if it was possible to do that on video. The answer seemed to be no. Sometimes, or maybe always, one wonders something or want to do something and the answers or the ways to achieve it appear. If that is not creation of reality, I don't know what it is ... So, shortly after asking myself that if it was possible to make long exposures in video, my husband bought me a new phone and a few days later I found myself making "animations" with long exposure images, the same phone brings them together and creates a gif, making it look like a video. What I asked came true by the mere fact of having asked me and having the intention to achieving it. Most believe that things are done with effort and sacrifice, but there is another way, incredibly magical and fast, because it happens within us.


Some frames





Long exposures - Sel-portraits
Digital photography
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It was funny you specified that the weird things you like are in art 😀
The long exposure pictures animated in a video is often used in stop motion. Despite of the abuse of it in the last decades, some times the result is still interesting :) Cheers!

Yes, I think the specification is with that intention :))
I always do long exposures of this type (self-portraits) and I haven't seen this style of animations.

I did that for a videoclip a couple of years ago, also with a series of self-portraits with long exposure, but animating it frame by frame with Premiere (I am not very fan of automatic applications... maybe a bit freak, but I love to have full control of the video edition). Very easy but cool result :)

It looks a bit like a reflection on water. You know, when you look into a pond or lake, and the water is slightly moving, and you see your face moving as well, in a weird and distorted way. Very fascinating.

Yes, I see what you say. These animations make me think of earthquakes.