EXODE (Unofficial Trailer)

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So excited for Exode, I put together a little trailer using IMovie. Check it

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All footage and graphics comes from www.exodegame.com, @elindos, and in game play! Hope you enjoyed my video!

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What a terrific production. Amazing the talent that exists here. Thanks for putting this together.

Is this something you do regularly, I mean putting short trailer videos together?

Thank you that means a lot! I made one for a pretend movie once, but never anything like this before. Thanks again, hope it brings some new eyes to @exodegame!

It is excellent. I would keep playing with it. You have a great talent there.

This could be a great asset for the community to tap into. Those look very professional.

I certainly Will! Thank you, again :)

I absolultely agree with you @taskmaster4450

It's obvious that @balticbadger is a great asset for the exode community

ps. did you try exode yourself?

Great video, nice work dude! 👊

Thank you!! 😎



Good looking trailer!


I just bumped into your post @balticbadger

Seriously great piece of work buddy.
Yours, Piotr