HBD can now be converted to Hive in the internal market

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Today I'm very glad to see a great update from the core Hive dev team. @blocktrades made a post today about the new wallet functionality on Hive. I'm very glad that we now have an option to convert our HBD to Hive instantly with this internal market. If not this option, there is already an option available on peakD where we can initiate a convert request and the conversion will happen in 3.5 days. But this internal market feature is the most awaited feature for many people. I have seen many people even do frequent trading of STEEM and SBD in the internal market on Steem.



Above is the direct link to access the Hive market. Now that we have the feature in Hive as well, it is great to flip between HBD and Hive for some good profit. As the price of Hive is currently high compared to Steem, we have been receiving payouts only as HBD and not hive tokens. It was very difficult to then convert HBD to hive tokens without an actual market. None of the markets have open HBD trading as well. With this internal market, it is going to be easier.

This update also brings other wallet functionalities that we used to have on Steem. I'm glad that the basic condenser is almost ready for us alongside Peakd as another frontend for use. The next activity would be to get Hive listed and enabled on multiple exchanges. From what I see, the trading of Steem was made available on Binance. I moved some of my Steem to Binance and traded them for BTC. I would like to see Hive listed soon there so that I can flip between both the coins sooner.

I would like to thank all the developers and witnesses who are silently working in the background to make Hive a better place than Steem. Thank you once again for all your great efforts. We are looking forward to seeing many good updates in the future.

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