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RE: Drop point down under

in OCDlast year

That is awesome, you finally got it! How do you feel? Like a rogue, ready to slay a king? Like a survivor, marooned on an island, that has to use this blade to make every manner of tool, for his new, primal lifestyle? Maybe, you awake in the mid-night air, with a sneaking native islander, standing over you... You had thought that it was a deserted isle, but alas, it is inhabited.... and by CANNIBALS!! Nothing that this beaut can't handle in the hands of my Australian, cobber!!! HEEEYAAA!!!!

Glad you finally got it, friend. Thanks for sharing. :)


Haha, funny! Yeah, I'm really pleased to have it and think it came out really well...It's going to be great to spread Vegemite with! (Just kidding @freedompoint)

It came out as I had hoped and I think it looks sort of tough, rustic even. I'll give it a workout over the years for sure.

I bet you will.. I think that you meant, @freedompoint.. lol

feeedompoint sounds better than freedompoint but just to confirm to societies' conventional standards I changed it.

Soieties'? Have you been hittin' that swill, cobber?

Fucking thumbs and my phone don't like each other...Wasting all my day fixing text fuck ups. WTF!

Only had one coffee this morning so not firing on all cylinders...Besides, I never finished high school so I'm borderline illiterate.

LMAO... We got a good laugh out of your struggle. Thanks! :D

It makes me happy to bring mirth and laughter to the world.

Good. Sorry for the unmitigated criticism of your spelling. It was all in good fun. From one, non-graduate, to another. ;P